Sunday, May 12, 2013

Necromunda by Games Workshop Unboxing

The very first miniature game I ever played was Necromunda by Games Workshop and before I had finished my first game I was hooked. I found that the rules were easy to learn and a lot of fun to play. A big draw for me was that your gang members would gain experience after surviving a game and if they took a hit they could be permanently injured or even killed. When you play a game without consequences you can throw every last man at the enemy and not care what happens to them but with Necromunda, each gang member costs points to recruit and arm. Once you play a few games with your gang you become attached to them and sometimes you may play a little safe with your favorite members. You give your gang members a name then model them with the weapons you give to them and they become unique and not just a guy with a lasgun and that is what I love about Necromunda.

Back when I first played I was in high school I only had a part-time job and a car so there wasn't much money to be thrown around and I never purchased my own copy of the game. Now I know you can get the rules for free from the Games Workshop website, does anyone else find it weird that they would give anything away for free???, but I wanted to get the complete set with the rulebook and sourcebook that has all the great fluff and drawings. Also, I loved the terrain and went looking for some of the Internet but the bulkheads can go for up to 5 dollars apiece so the thirty in the box would cost 150 dollars alone so I decided I would try to get a complete set.

When I decided I would try to hunt down a copy I found a sealed copy on eBay and I knew it was fate and $200 dollars later it was all mine.

When the game arrived in the mail I felt like it was Christmas morning. Opening up the box that had been sealed for the last 20 years and seeing all the game components from the original version was like opening up a time capsule.

For those of you who never had your own copy the box comes with the following: 24 plastic miniatures, 12 Orlock, and 12 Goliath. A rulebook, sourcebook, a painting and modeling guide, 2 plastic range rulers, 7 dice, 30 plastic bulkheads and a bunch of cardboard terrain, 2 card playsheets and assorted cardboard game counters and templates. I'm planning to keep everything except the 12 Goliath minis which aren't my cup of tea.

As soon as I opened the box I spent some time reminiscing with all the books that came with the set, then put the minis in primer and built up the terrain to see how it all looked. And I have to say I still love the terrain.

Since buying the game I've had the chance to play two games and fun was had by both players. In the first game, I was holding my own when I forgot the location of my opponents Heavy who proceeded to open up on my gang with devastating consequences when I finally bottled I had only one guy on his feet. Post-game I did OK and only had one bad roll with one of my Heavy's getting receiving a chest wound. My second game I was crushing my opponent and had most of his gang down when I had to roll my first bottle test which I, of course, failed to lose the game. I didn't have as much luck as in the first game and lost one of my Juves.

I plan on doing a full review of the game later but I wanted to write up a quick post of my trip down memory lane.


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  3. Thanks for the comments and I'm glad you enjoyed this Necromunda post!


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