Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Minecraft : Story Mode By Telltale Games Episode 3 Review

Telltale Games released Episode 3 "The Last Place You Look" on November 24, 2015. My plot review will have some spoilers so if don't want to know what happens please skip that part.

If you missed my other reviews you can click these links for Episode 1 and Episode 2.


In Episode 3 your group find themselves inside a gigantic "grinder" that sends different mobs to their death to collect their loot. You barely escape with your lives and find beautiful world made completely out of wool. After solving a puzzle you find your way out of the wool world and into the End where you find Soren's lab.

You find out that Soren has made a suit of armor that looks like an Enderman that he uses to walk around among the Endermen with. He thinks that he can train them to build stuff. You put on a spare Enderman suit and make your way outside to where they are being trained. You anger the Enderman and Soren revels himself in one of the suits and helps you escape back to his lab. You talk to him and then he starts to sing a song out of nowhere and one of the choices you can make is to ask "What's Happening?" which was very funny.


After explaining to Soren that you need to build a Formidi-Bomb to destroy the Nether the Enderman start to attack the lab and you have to get away from them safely. Soren hits a switch in his lab which drops pumpkins on some iron that turns into Iron Golems which was a cool trick. You make your way out and escape and your group has to gather all the ingredients to build the bomb. You do this and use the bomb to blow up the Ender Storm but it doesn't work and one of the members of The Order Of The Stone is killed depending upon your choices.


The Story for Episode 3 was very good and I had no complaints with it. I timed my game and it took exactly 1 1/2 hours to complete which is a little bit better than Episode 2 but still not great. This Episode seemed to me to be less buggy, in fact I don't remember their being anything bad like I experienced in the other Episodes.

I had a good time playing this Episode and my daughter liked it too. I give Minecraft : Story Mode Episode 3 an 7 out of 10.


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