Thursday, August 24, 2017

Nano Metalfigs Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Miniature Review

I came across these Nano Metalfigs at Wal-Mart the other day and I was intrigued. Besides Harry Potter minis they also had WWE wrestlers, Street Fighter, DC, Marvel, and Disney characters. I could be missing some but that's what I saw on the shelves. Nano Metalfigs are pre-painted metal miniatures based upon existing and popular lines and only cost 97 cents!

I picked up Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter line for a number of reasons. First off I skipped, at least for now, the Disney, Street Fighter, and WWE wrestler miniatures because in the games I play they probably wouldn't get much use. The DC and Marvel on the other hand could see some use but I can also buy Heroclix miniatures for both DC and Marvel so I didn't buy any for now. Finally the Harry Potter miniatures I could see getting some use especially because my daughter who isn't too into gaming with miniatures would probably play a Harry Potter game over the regular games I play.

As far as the miniatures go they are pretty nice. I'll admit that they are a little light on detail and have pretty simple paint jobs but I feel that for the price they are just fine. Also they have some heft to them so even without putting a standard base under them I would need to hit them pretty hard to knock them down.

Without measuring the base Lord Voldemort is about 42mm height so they would be a bit too tall to mix them in my regular "heroic" 28mm miniatures. Here is a picture of him with a 28mm World War 1 English soldier.

At the end of the day these are some great pre-painted miniatures for their price. Another great thing is that they are from very popular lines and not just made up wizards and the like. With the price so low I'm thinking about buying a few to try and paint them up better but we'll see because I'm lazy. Also I need to find some rules so I can use these miniatures. Stay tuned for more!

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