Sunday, May 6, 2018

Kris Bryant Action Figure

I was in the toy aisle looking to see if I could find a Funco Darkwing Duck, which I still haven't, but I did find this Kris Bryant action figure. It was only 10 bucks so I picked it up which nearly made up for not finding a Darkwing Duck.

This action figure is for the Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant, who in his three years in the big leagues was the Rookie Of The Year in 2015, MVP in 2016, and a World Series winner with the Cubs.

I have to say that I like him but his face isn't quite there. It's not bad, especially for 10 bucks, but it could be better. A company called Imports Dragon are the people that released this figure. I have never heard of them but if they release more players I wouldn't hesitate to get another one.

Kris Bryand is at the plate in, which is obviously, his away uniform. The uniform looks great with all the little parts in places like the Cubs logo on the top of the left leg and the little MLB logos.

Unfortunately, Bryant is more of a statue because he has no articulation which is ok but it would be neat if you could position him in different ways.

Overall if you like collection baseball action figures/statues I would say to pick him up, the price is right and I'm happy with my purchase. I give this action figure an 7 out of 10.

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