Friday, April 26, 2013

Ghosts Of Hefei Kickstarter

Hello fellow bloggers!! The people at Four Colour Studios have launched a Kickstarter for their sequel to The Department Called Ghosts of Hefei.

 As I type this there are 5 days to go and they still need to raise just under $3000. If you have The Department and enjoyed it or are interested in getting into it now is a great time. This time there have some great looking miniatures that you can pledge for as well as the rules.

 The minis look great and you can get them in either 15mm or 28mm which is a cool option.

Also, some of the pledges allow you to get the rules to The Department as well so there hasn't been a better time to get into it than now. I have enjoyed playing The Department very much and I'm looking forward to Ghosts of Hefei as well and I believe you would as well so pledge away!

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