Friday, December 23, 2016

Breakout Key Chain Review

Breakout is a classic video game that was created by Atari and has been ported to nearly everything over the years.

Gameplay in Breakout is very simple And has its origins in Pong. On the top of the screen there is a row of bricks and at the bottom, you have a paddle, like Pong, and a ball. You release the ball and it bounces off the bricks which makes them disappear, the ball will then bounce back toward the bottom of the screen and you need to keep it from leaving the screen which also sends the ball back toward the bricks. You need to remove all the bricks before you lose your last life. If you remove all the bricks you'll move on to the next level which will be harder than the last.

I bought something video game related, I'll be reviewing what I did buy soon, and before I completed my order I checked out the clearance section. There wasn't too much but I found a key chain version of Breakout for two dollars so I added it to my cart, the worst being that it would suck.

When it came in I was surprised that it was very playable. Even more confusing to me is my daughter fell in love with it and wouldn't put it down. She has a Nintendo 3DS and an iPhone but here she was playing a 40+-year-old game on what would have been considered an antiquated game system decades ago.

The game has very basic sounds and the screen is like those old Tiger handheld games but it works really well. Gameplay wise this version of Breakout was more than playable so the only other thing to critique was if it's key chain size.

Breakout next to a nickel
It is not key chain size. Can I put this on my key chain? Yes, will I? No, but even if it was smaller I wouldn't because I have a cell phone and I can play Breakout on that with ease. Truthfully I was stunned how big it was, I assumed it would be maybe half as tall as it was but I'm not complaining. I told my wife what I bought and then showed it to her and she laughed but it really doesn't matter as it's still lots of fun. I give Breakout key chain a 5 out of 10.

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