Sunday, March 11, 2018

X-Files CCG Starter Set Review

I've been on an X-Files kick lately which made me think about the X-Files collectible card game that came out in the 90s. When the game came out my brother and we each bought one started deck as well as some blister packs. I remember we liked the game but at the time we were more into the Star Wars collectible card game mainly because my friends also played it making it easier to find a game.

I found most of my old cards but we had only bought a few blisters so I didn't have too many. I also couldn't find the rule book so I knew I wanted to buy at least one sealed starter deck to get the rulebook out of it. While looking around on eBay I found a seller that was selling some starter sets that contained unique pieces that weren't available for sale.

This is the set I received in the mail. Included are a laminated playing mat, four sealed booster packs from the original release, two sealed 60 card starter decks, 2 Banded Inserts from the "Truth Is Out There" starter decks (one for Mulder and one for Scully), 2 deck boxes, 2 token sheets, 1 gamepad, two random ultra rare cards from the "Truth Is Out There" set, and 3 random promo cards.

Some of the highlights of this set are the X-Files deck boxes. These are made out of a pretty sturdy plastic with the X-Files logo on the front. From deck boxes I've purchased before I assumed that these would be made out of thin bendable plastic that would protect the cards somewhat. These X-Files deck boxes are probably my favorite part of this set. Now, these plastic deck cases were never released but the seller I bought this set from was the exclusive distributor for some of X-Files promo cards and he got his hands on these boxes.

Even though this set comes with 2 sealed starter decks and four blister packs my I was able to pull some great cards. I haven't played this game in 20 years so I do not remember what are good cards but I did get two Mulders, one Scully, and one Krycek agent cards. I love opening sealed packs from collectible card games and once I learn what cards are good ones I'm going to buy a couple booster boxes and have at them.

Now all I need is to get is a Walter Skinner agent card.

When it was new I watched the X-Files with my dad and brother. My wife and my brother's wife also watched the show and loved it, especially my sister in law. I showed them this set that I bought and they were all excited to play, particularly my sister in law so I actually have some people willing to play a 20-year-old card game.

If you have any interest in the X-Files CCG and want to get some rare pieces I recommend you go to eBay and check out the items available from the seller I bought this set from. I don't know how many he has available but I wouldn't wait too long as he can't have an unlimited supply. Here is a link to the set that I bought. I just want to say that I do not know this seller and paid for this set myself. One more thing about the seller, my package went missing in the mail, I contacted him and he was able to find it and get it to me very quickly so don't worry about this sellers integrity.

If you like the X-Files and collectible card games I suggest you give this game a try. I also think that this is a great kit which cost me $36.74 with shipping that I think is a pretty good price. I give this X-Files 2 Player Starter Set a 9 out of 10.

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