Monday, December 3, 2018

M4 Sherman Medium Tank by Warlord Games Review

When it comes to World War 2 one of the most famous tanks is the Sherman. Designed by the US and used by the allies the Sherman tank was also the second most prolific with a total of just under 50,000 being built. While it was one of the best tanks when they began to see combat, by D-Day there were much more powerful and armored tanks than the Sherman. The Allies were still able to do damage with Shermans due to the amount of Shermans the allies could utilize in battle compared to the Germans who's tanks were superior but of much limited quantity.

Opening up this kit I found that it comes with the usual items including the tank bits, an instruction sheet, a flyer for the company, tank cards for the Bolt Action miniatures game, three smoke and fire markers, and decals.

This tank came together very easily. I had the tank completely built and primed within an hour.

Of coures I like the way models look when completely assembled but I always enjoy a model once it's been primered, particulary when it's a light color.

Painting when very well as I only needed a few colors. Once that was done I applied the decals I wanted, it came with a few names to call it and honestly I wasn't a fan of most of them so I decided on calling my tank "The Bomb".

This is the first allied tank I've put together in 28mm scale and overall it was very easy to put together and paint. I was able to put this tank together in about half the time it took when I built a Tiger 1 also from Warlord Games.

I'm very happy with the easy to complete this tank and how it looks. I will definately continue to buy armor from Warlord Games and I would recommend it to you also if you're in the market. I paid $25.00 dollars for it on Amazon so it was also pretty affordable.

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