Monday, January 20, 2020

TMNT Leonardo NECA 7 Inch Classic Cartoon Action Figure Review

You'd think with all the pizza they eat the turtles would be horrible ninjas.
Today I have a review of Leonardo from the Donatello Leonardo two-pack from NECA's "7 Inch" Classic Cartoon TMNT action figure line. I was a big fan of Donatello from this pack so the question is... how is Leo?

This Leonardo is part of a two-pack with Donatello of the TMNT Classic Cartoon toy line by NECA. If you missed my review of Donatello you can click here to read it.

As I mentioned in the Donatello review, this Leonardo is a "7 Inch" action figure by NECA but is really 5 1/2 inches tall. This figure comes with 15 points of articulation including a ball joint in the head, each arm is adjustable in the shoulder, bicep, elbow, and wrist. His legs have joints at the hip, knee, and ankle. Overall he has some pretty good possibility but his plastron, the yellow chest piece, does restrict some movement.

As for accessories, Leonard has a few. He comes with his two Katana swords. These look pretty good but be careful because as I was sliding them into his belt the sword actually cut my thumb.

Besides his swords, he also comes with a second set of useless hands (except for posing purposes), a non-descript canister of ooze, a paper random letter, and a pizza box. Leonardo's second set of hands cannot hold anything, the regular set can hold his swords and the pizza box, but only awkwardly. He can hold the paper too but it's only in his hand since his fingers wider than the paper. The ooze cannot be held in his hands or in his pockets like Donatello can hold his turtle comm.

If Leo wasn't a Ninja these hands could be good for Kung Fu fighting.
 The ooze was a little disappointing because it doesn't have TCRI or TGRI on it, or any artwork like how the canisters looked in the second TMNT movie or even a sticker of a window with the green ooze inside. We got none of that, just a grey tube with some minor black lines on it that are boring. 

The pizza is probably my favorite accessory because it looks cool and fits with the turtles. Too bad they didn't make the one missing piece a removable one that the turtles could hold in their hands.

Like with Donatello, Leonard had some paint flaking, but not nearly as bad as his brother. The joints had a lot of paint flakes in them. I don't like the look but I'm afraid if I pull any of the pieces away they could somehow damage the painted parts around it. I'm sure it would be fine but I'd rather deal with the flakes than with missing paint on the body anywhere.

I'm very happy with both Leonardo and his package mate Donatello. He looks great, definitely better than Playmates Classic Cartoon version, has good articulation and accessories, and is affordable. I'll have to get the other turtles without question and since I liked these guys so much I'll probably get the other figures as well. Like his brother, I give Leonardo an 8 out of 10.

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