Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Wings Of Glory Dogfight #9 French Nieuport 11 VS Albatros D.III


Recently Ares Games reprinted some of the terrain mats and I was able to get a Noman's Land mat without having to pay hundreds of dollars so to celebrate I had to break some planes out and get them in the air over noman's land. In today's dogfight, I'll be piloting a French Nieuport 11 (this is the first time I've ever used this plane) flown by Jean Chaput while my opponent will be flying a German Albatros D.III with Kurt Gruber behind the stick.

I'll be trying something new with this dogfight. A fan of Wings Of Glory has produced an app that controls AI planes when playing solo. I used it during this dogfight and it worked out very well and I plan to continue using it in future games. Here is an article on Ares Games website as well as a link to the Andriod App and Apple Store.

I have to say this is the best-looking mat sold by Wings Of Glory.

To start this dogfight I fly my plane right at the Albatros while he does the same thing. As we close both planes fire, my fire misses. The enemy's fire also misses my plane but the guns on the Albatros jam giving me the advantage.

The two planes pass each other and almost collide but no damage to either, also no chance for the Albatros to fire with their guns still jammed but my guns work and I fire at point-blank range but it's only a glancing shot doing 2 damage to the German plane.

The pilot in the Albatros pulls an Immelman turn while I pull a hard left in the Nieuport. Both planes jockey into a good position and eventually, I'm able to get behind the Albatros.

As I close on him I get near firing range when he pulls another Immelman on me and flies right at me again. I forgot to take a picture of the attack but it ends up with Albatros taking no new damage while my Nieuport takes 3 damage. The two planes fly by each other nearly colliding again.

Nieuport 3 Damage

Albatros 2 Damage

I continue on and work my way behind the Albatros again and fire doing 2 more damage to the German, the damage also jams the Albatros' right rudder limiting his ability to maneuver.

Nieuport 3 Damage

Albatros 4 Damage

Now that the Albatros is limited in its movement it makes it even easier for me to get behind the German again and I fire causing 6 damage.

Nieuport 3 Damage

Albatros 10 Damage

I am able to get on the six of the Albatros again and fire 2 more damage as well as catching the plane on fire. 

Before I can fire the killing shot the fire engulfs the Albatros and it goes down!

Another fun but very quick dogfight but I'm beginning to get a little bored fighting one vs one,  I need a new challenge. In all games of this type, I usually want to play a large campaign where there are stakes and consequences between games. I've been on the Wings Of Glory Aerodrome forum and there is a book that's at the playtesting point but there is no info on when, if ever, that it will be released so I've been working on my own campaign. It's mostly ideas from other games that I've incorporated or modified to work in WOG that I think is nearly ready for play. Another issue is the fact that up until a year ago I had only four planes but I've been working on that as well and I'm nearing 30 planes which should be enough variety to have options when it comes to tactics. Stay tuned for more Wings Of Glory!

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