Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Old West Water Tower Terrain

I'm a big fan of 2 Hour Wargames and one of the games of theirs that I've bought but haven't played yet is Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow which is an Old West game using their reaction system. The reason I haven't played it yet is that I don't have enough Old West terrain to play a game but I'm working on that and today I present you the first completed terrain, a water tower.

I have about five buildings that I'm almost done with but the water tower was finished first because it was pretty simple. All I did was find a few pictures online and built one with some popsicle sticks, coffee stirrers, and some thin card. The majority of the time I spent on this tower was waiting for the paint to dry. It was really simple and honestly a lot of fun. I usually find terrain someone else has made and copy it because the hard work of designing it is already done but I enjoyed just going for it. I didn't measure anything or plan out what I wanted to do I just started gluing sticks together until I was happy with what I made.

When it comes to terrain I'm not an artist and won't be winning any awards, it's more about functionality than being an art piece. Due to this, I've not made a lot of terrain because I always am thinking that it has mistakes and it's not good enough but if you are thinking the same as me I suggest just going for it. People make mistakes all the time and they are good because you learn what not to do and each piece you make after a mistake will be that much better.

I'll be posting more terrain that I've made in the future, both Old West and other periods, so stay tuned. 

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