Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter

West Wind Productions is gearing up to produce the second part of their game Empire of the Dead called Requiem. Empire of the Dead is a Victorian Steam Punk miniature game. For those of you who do not know Kickstarter is a way for people who want to create anything from games to movies to music without taking a lot of risk. The creator determine how much money needs to be raised in order for their project to work and ask people to pledge money to produce it. The money you pledge is not taken until the end of a certain time and only if the amount of money needed to launch project is met. Usually when a person pledges money they get bonuses such as price breaks on the items being produced so Kickstarter is a win win for all parties.

I have not played Empire of the Dead, I pledged my money to get some of the great looking miniatures they will be producing including Sherlock Holmes and crew and classic Victorian monsters like Frankenstein's Monster, Jekyll and Hyde, Jack the Ripper and many more. Some of the miniatures have not been unlocked but they are planning to produce over 70 new miniatures to the line and some vehicles including a time machine which I'm looking forward too. My pledge also will be coming with a PDF copy of the rules so I will be able to try the game out.

Empire of the Dead Requiem is the second project I've backed, the first being The Department, and they already have raised enough for the project to go through so now is the time if you want to get some of the great looking miniatures being produced at a good price.

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