Wednesday, February 18, 2015

28mm Stone Wall Tutorial

I wanted to play a game that required some stone walls so I decided to build some quick and easy.

I had some MDF board precut to the size I wanted from when I built my barbed wire sections. I took some pieces of scrap Styrofoam and glued it to the MDF in the shape of the walls. Next, I applied some craft glue to the foam and covered it with small rocks. Once it was dried I covered the rocks with a second coat of watered down glue to help lock all the rocks in.

At this point, I could have painted the rocks but I wanted the walls finished quickly and besides, I thought it looked OK as is. I then spread some more craft glue on the MDF and added sand. When the glue was dried I applied a second coat of glue to lock the sand in again. When that dried I painted the sand brown and highlighted the brown with a mix of brown and white. To finish the walls I glued some green flock around the base of the wall and with that I was done.

Not counting drying time this project took less than 2 hours and I think for that amount of time, effort and supplies the stone walls came out very well.

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