Tuesday, September 1, 2015

World Of Tanks Russian SU-26 Review


The SU-26 is a Russian made tier 3 self-propelled (artillery) tank. It is slow compared to other tier 3 artillery. It is fairly small making it harder to hit.


The SU-26 was introduced to the Russian army in 1941 with around 15 being produced so it was never really factored into the war.


The SU-26's biggest advantage is it's turret mounted gun which allows you to aim your shot left or right without having to move your tank like the rest of the tier 3 artillery. The turret does move slow but it's still faster than turning your whole tank. The gun has quick aiming time but the farther your shot is the harder it is to aim your gun.


The SU-26 costs 52,000 silver.


Overall the Russian SU-26 is a pretty good self-propelled tank and if you're using the Russian I recommend you purchase it and kill some Axis with it. 6 out of 10.

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  1. Out of eight to choose from the Su-26 is one of the best Tier III artillery. The aim time is the best of ALL SPG's (the next in line is the Tier VIII FV207) and excellent accuracy -- only five have better dispersion and you have to get up to at least Tier VII to play them. A turret means fast changing of targets and better concealment. Each shot provides low damage but damage per minute is best of the tier if you don't count the premium (and virtually unavailable) Sexton I. Both view and signal ranges are second best. Range with the top gun is 1200 meters and is usually good enough to sit in the back. Mobility is good enough to quickly deploy and reposition as needed.

    The Su-26 can't use vents but that's not saying much, it still has the aim time and rate of fire in its tier. The SPG is fragile, but then again at Tier III aren't they all?

    Overall the Su-26 is an excellent self-propelled artillery, considered a "keeper" by many players. Recommended.


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