Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Let's Play Minecraft On Xbox Episode 11

Welcome to Episode 11 of my Xbox One Minecraft survival world. In this episode, we'll be continuing building the great pyramid despite the forces of evils best attempt to stop me.

You can click here to catch up with what happened in Episode 10.

For Episode 11 we begin, as always, with the great pyramid.

I've done a little work to the pyramid itself but my main goal was harvesting dirt by leveling the terrain around the pyramid to use to give the pyramid a floor. As you can see in the picture the pyramid as nearly 50 percent of its floor under water. While working on a nice sunny day out of nowhere the enemy strikes.

The creeper didn't do too much damage and it was easily fixed. In this picture, you can also see that I've started to line up jack o lanterns to help light the inside of the pyramid. Even when the sun is shining down enemies can spawn and do damage. I decided to put the pumpkins up after the attack, I just didn't have any sandstone on me and that's why the hole is still there but the pumpkins are already up.

After this attack, I went back to my main fortress. When I work at the pyramid I'm not baking cobblestone into stone to earn XP. Instead, I kill sheep, cows, and pigs that are around for their meat. This takes longer than using furnaces so I'm able to work longer at the pyramid. Once I reach level 30 I make my way back so I can enchant something in case I'm killed and lose all my levels.

I spent more time mining at my main fortress and while clearing the stone out I decided to replace the cobblestone floor with polished diorite. The reason I did this was to give me another project to work on. I've mentioned before that I will get bored working on one thing and this gives me a break. I had a lot of diorite that I had mined, I thought, but in reality, it went really fast so when I see any I mine it even if I'm currently not working in the location I find it at.

I have spent a lot of time mining near the bottom of the world and have found lots of iron and some gold but no diamonds. All the mining wears out your tools so I need a steady supply of diamonds and eventually I found some. I was able to get eight diamonds from this vein and right after this shot I also found some gold which is great. While eight diamonds isn't a ton it's a lot better then I've been doing.

While going back and forth from the digging site to my furnaces I keep my eyes open. I don't expect to find many enemies on the inside of my stronghold but that is why you can never let your guard down because there is always a creeper ready to suicide bomb you.

Creepers gonna creep
Down here at the bottom of the world as you can see I've leveled out the floor and I think it looks nice and makes it easier to travel. The problem with a flat floor in Minecraft is that it's a breeding ground for slimes. It's more of a nuisance than a problem but somethings they can get the better of you. The lesson for today is to always watch your back in survival Minecraft.

If you don't get them, they'll get you!
One last thing before I go, I uploaded my old world from Xbox 360 so I'll be showing you some stuff I never had the chance to. Happy mining!


Days 10: Hours 14: Minutes 1

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