Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Let's Play Minecraft On Xbox Episode 19

Hello and welcome to Episode 189 of my Let's Play Minecraft on Xbox series. I haven't played Minecraft in a few weeks so I decided to put some free time I had into it and the next thing I know I've spent a considerable amount of time working at the "Great Pyramid" complex. Each block I mine, shovel, or punch gets me one step closer to completion.

So in this episode, I've been working on the pyramid mostly to the left if you're facing it. As I mentioned last time I've mined down far enough that I'm mostly hitting rock and no sand or sandstone.

In the picture above you'll see the sea bulging in between the land. I've been using my method of dropping gravel into the water and then shoveling it away. I've tried numerous ways to deal with water and this seems easiest for me.

This is the edge of the bulge.

As I moved more earth out of the way I discovered a dungeon which to my knowledge I've not found yet in the world.

This one was popping out zombies so I dropped a sand block on it to keep them from spawning while I worked in the area. I dug out a little more of the dungeon and found another spawner that was sending skeletons after me. This area also had some creepers and other zombies but I was able to finish them off and plug up the spawner.

I took a few arrows to the head but none to the knee.
I forgot to take a picture but I did find a chest inside the dungeon which had some bread, doesn't it seem like they always have bread? I also found a set of horse armor and two saddles. I remember in my first world it took me over a year in real time before I came across a dungeon with a chest that had a saddle in it. Of course, once I did get a saddle I seem to stumble upon one daily.

The dungeon area is underneath the land to the other side of this water.

Once I was done in the dungeon I continued to mine the stone, sand, and sandstone away. All the cobblestone that I've mined under the pyramid while I was doing its floor and the stone in front of and to the left of the pyramid has been completely exhausted and I promise you that it was a lot of cobblestone. Because of this when my chests of materials collected fill up with other materials like dirt and gravel I make a journey to my primary base to drop the supplies off as I have lots more storage there. I also have a ton of cobblestone and stone there so I fill up to use back at the pyramid site.

One time while working on the left side of the pyramid I was working at a spot underneath the ground and didn't realize that It turned to night. With the land surrounding the pyramid being flat, you can see how many bad guys are close to you which is both good and bad. I'll fight my way back to my bed and usually, I'm good but occasionally there will be some underground of my base and I won't be able to sleep. Eventually, I'll go down there and pack it with stone so mobs can't spawn under there anymore.

Well, that's it for this Episode. I got some good work done, it wasn't flashy work, but it was important work. I'm going to start some work on the pyramid itself as it's been too long since I placed any blocks on it.


DAYS:    15     HOURS:     19     MINUTES:     52

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