Saturday, September 2, 2017

Mega Construx Heroes He-Man Masters Of The Universe Review

The other day I was at the store buying school supplies for my daughter, the same day I found Mutant XL Donatello, and my wife spotted these new Masters Of The Universe toys. I've been a big fan of Masters Of The Universe since I was a kid so He-Man and Skeletor came home with me.

This is the Series 1 release of the Mega Construx Heroes which contains He-Man and Skeletor from Masters Of The Universe, a Colonial Marine and Xenomorph from Alien, and Captain Picard and a Borg Drone From Star Trek. To the best of my knowledge, this is the complete set from Series 1. 

He-Man comes with 22 pieces which includes He-Man's shield and handle, sword, three pieces that make up the base and He-Man who is built out of 16 pieces. He doesn't come preassembled with just the base and shield needing to be assembled.

I have to say that these Mega Construx Heroes are a pretty good value at $5.00 each. They look much closer to who they are depicting than say Lego figures. I believe that He-Man has 11 points of articulation and you can remove his chest armor if you want.

From the day I saw these to now they are sold out at my local store so if you're interested you may want to get yours before they're sold out. I give Mega Construx Heroes He-Man a 7 out of 10.

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