Friday, December 15, 2017

Gwildor Masters Of The Universe Classics Action Figure Review

Gwildor is a character from Mattel's  Masters Of The Universe property first appearing in the now-classic 1987 live-action movie. This action figure was released on December 15th, 2015 as part of Mattel's Masters Of The Universe Classics toy line. How does this action figure compare to his original 1987 release??

Lots of He-Man fans do not like Gwildor as they see him as a poor replacement for Orko and if you look at it like that I still think you're wrong. Orko was such an idiot that when he mentions doing some magic in the cartoon everyone dives for cover, particularly Man-At-Arms. Gwildor, on the other hand, invented the Cosmic Key, a device so powerful that Skeletor is able to take Castle Greyskull for the first time in a curb stomp battle.

Gwildor's sculpt is awesome, this figure really is a good likeness of how he looked in the movie. The detail is great with outlines of items inside of his pockets and look at his face, it's really well done. The paint on him is great too, 90-95% happy with him, the biggest issue on my guy being a white spot right where his hair connects to his face.

Gwildor has 9 points of articulation including his head, shoulder-arm-hand, and each leg. I like that he has legs underneath his clothes because his boots are hiding underneath and it's cool, at least for me, to see what they looked like.

On the accessories front, Gwildor isn't doing too bad getting three items. He comes with his staff which looks great compared to his staff from the movie. He also comes with two Cosmic Keys, a big one and a smaller one. Both of these Comic Keys have been painted to look like how the toy version looked in 1987. Preternia He-Man came with the smaller key when he was released but that version was painted like how it was depicted in the movie. The bigger key does seem to be more detailed than the little one and the tuning forks can be moved. I would have been happy with just the smaller one but I'll definitely take it.

Mattel was able to keep the price of the MOTUC figures relatively low because they can reuse some of the bodies for multiple figures just like they did in the '80s. At the time of Gwildor's release, the average MOTUC figures cost 20 dollars (I Believe), Gwildor cost 35 dollars and most of that's because he is a head to toe custom sculpt. A little high but I'm not going to complain about getting a new Gwildor action figure.

Overall I'm very happy with Gwildor from the MOTUC line. He looks very close to his movie counterpart and comes with the right accessories. As of this review, this toy line has also released Blade and Saurod who also made their debut in the movie. At the beginning of 2018 Karg, another new character from the movie is to be released which has me very excited as he's the first character from the movie to get a modern figure that was never made into a figure when the movie was new. Keep your eyes out for him on this blog. For the MOTUC Gwildor figure, I give him a 9 out of 10.

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