Friday, February 9, 2018

Saurod From Masters Of The Universe Classics Action Figure Review

Saurod is a bad guy from the Masters Of The Universe motion picture from 1987. In the movie, he is one of Skeletor's henchmen who after botching a mission to capture He-Man and the Key is killed by Skeletor. Saurod, along with Blade and Gwildor, were new characters developed just for the movie and had their own figures in the original Masters Of The Universe toy line.

Saurod is one of the action figures released in September of 2015 as part of Mattel's Masters Of The Universe Classics action figure line.

I have to say that after I liberated Saurod from his plastic prison I was very impressed with the figure. First off he looks bigger out of the packaging than in. The second was he has some heft to him.

His head is a bit loose but other than that every joint is in great shape. While the head does move a little too easy it will hold its position.

Like most action figures today Saurod comes with only one accessory, his gun. I guess it's OK because in the movie it's the only thing he interacts with. Unfortunately, I have a couple of problems with it. First I had a hard time to fit the gun in his hand. I did get it to go but from certain angles, it looks a little weird. The other problem I found was that the gun didn't fit too well in his holster. I was only able to get the top part to go in even though it does look like there is ample room for it.

The Masters Of The Universe Classics line from Mattel has released some great looking figures of the years and Saurod might be one of their best. When you compare him to what he looks like in the movie he looks very good. 

Here is a picture of Saurod with Gwildor, one of the other figures released from the movie and I have to say they look great.

Before I end this I have to admit that I love the Masters Of The Universe movie. I saw it in the theaters and loved it and to this day it's still my favorite movie to watch. I know lots of people hate it, especially fans of the He-Man cartoon and original figures but so what. Anyway, what I was getting at is that over the years I've been collecting movie props from the movie and while I don't have the whole Saurod costume I do have his right hand. The best thing is that I only paid around 25 dollars for it which I was happy to play.

Saurod's toy left hand

Saurod's costume left hand
It's taken a bit of a beating since 1987 but it still looks very cool in person.

Overall I love this figure. The head and gun don't bring down his worth in any way so I give Saurod a 8 out of 10.

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