Friday, February 16, 2018

How To Fix Controller Thumbsticks Cheap And Easy

Video game controllers are not just a part needed to play games, they are how gamers interface with their video games and are vital to gameplay. Many gamers become attached to their controller and there is a whole industry to upgrading controllers. Just look at Microsoft's Elite controller which I'd admit I would buy one if I had free money but it nearly costs the same price of the current base model Xbox One.

Now when your thumbsticks break do you have to buy a new controller?? Is there a way to fix it cheaper but still work as an original controller?? Click on to find out!!

Here are the controllers that came with my original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. These are the controllers that were always used by me for the last 15 years but over time have had a few issues here and there.

As you can see on my Xbox 360 controller the material has worn off the thumbsticks. When a piece first broke off it felt so weird that I started using the second controller which was nearly brand new, only being used while playing two-player.

I went on eBay and found these thumbstick caps, a four-count of blue caps for 82 cents shipped!! Even though it was shipped from China I received these relatively fast. It was really easy to apply, all you do is fit the cap over the original thumbstick which only takes a few seconds. Once on they feel great and are held in place nice and tight. You can get these in any color you want and I think they look great once done.

Here is my Xbox 360 controller which looks great and plays like new. It cost me 41 cents to fix each controller and quite frankly these caps work better than I originally thought they would. Once my Xbox One controller thumbsticks break down I'll happily pay 41 cents to fix them. I hope this shows you an easy and cheap way to fix your broken thumbsticks. If you try this out let me know how it works out. Happy Gaming!!

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