Saturday, February 3, 2018

Video Games Beaten In 2017

Well over a month late is my third annual video games beaten for 2017. Last year I finished 23 games so I did better in 2017 with a total of 26 games completed. This year was heavy with Xbox One and Xbox 360 games which comprised 21 of the games beaten. Three games for the NES, 1 for the Sega Genesis, and one on the Nintendo Gameboy.

I started playing games in 2017 on emulators and am pretty happy that it ended up being only five out of twenty-six games. I am sad to see that while I did play some games on my Sega CD, I actually didn't complete any of them over the year. Hopefully, we can continue the increase in games completed in 2018.

Click here to see my list for 2016 and 2015.

1. Battlefield 1                                     Xbox One
12. Need For Speed: Rivals                    Xbox One
16. Need For Speed                                 Xbox One
20. For Honor                                          Xbox One
22. Sky Force Anniversary                     Xbox One
24. 1943                                                   Xbox 360
25. Metal Slug XX                                  Xbox One
26. Sky Force Anniversary                      Xbox One                                      

I also see that I never reviewed Battlefield 1 so that will have to fixed very soon.

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