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TMNT Hyper Stone Heist (Genesis) Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Hyper Stone Heist is a side-scrolling beat 'em up game by Konami and was released in the USA in December 1992 for the Sega Genesis, or Mega system if you're not an American. This is the first TMNT game on the Genesis and it is very similar to the Super Nintendo game Turtles In Time.

Like all TMNT games, you play as your favorite hero in the half shell. I always picked Donatello not only because he's my favorite but also due to the reach his staff has. If you don't think it matters play the original TMNT game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. If you have a friend they can also play which to me is much more fun than playing with yourself.

Too bad they didn't look like this in the cartoon
The plot to this game is Shredder starts acting like a jerk and takes the Hyperstone and the turtles are the only ones that can stop him. The game contains five levels which are less than Turtles In Time but they are longer with three sections to each. I'm not completely sure but this game took me around an hour to beat and I didn't use all my continues. The bosses you'll encounter are Leatherhead, Rocksteady, Tatsu, Baxter Stockman, and finally Krang and Super Shredder. I have to say I was surprised that Tatsu, who was a character created for the first two TMNT movies, and the Super Shredder from the second movie are in this game. Also when you run out of lives the continue screen is a 16-bit digitized picture of the original movie poster.

Super Shredder
Combat is like most of these games, the screen fills with guys and you kill them and then you can continue walking right until you find more guys to fight. You have a weapon and foot attack which can be combined with a jump. There is also a special attack you can use but it takes some of your health so I can't recommend that. To bring your health back up all you need to do is find a box of pizza lying on the ground. Turtles are nasty, I'd never eat a pizza I found on the ground in New York. But fortunately for the turtles, some of the boxes have a special move that doesn't harm your health at all. For Donatello, he would spin around, like how a kid would, with his staff out knocking out anyone in his way.

When you are kicking butt you'll earn 1 point for each enemy killed, 3 for harder enemies, and 5 for bosses. Each time you reach 100 you get a free life. To the best of my knowledge once you earned three lives your point count will still go up but you don't earn any more lives. When I was near the end I needed some extra lives and when I hit the next hundred points I got nothing. I bet it was Shredder using his Hyperstone on me.

When the TMNT cartoon from the 80s came out it was a kid show so they couldn't have the turtles killing bad guys like they did in the comics so the foot soldiers were changed into robots that explode when destroyed. Explosions were also put into this game, even for human characters. For some strange reason when I killed Tatsu he exploded but it was probably the biggest explosion in the game. The sausages he was stuffing down his throat for lunch may have been dynamite.

That's all the good about the game so now on to the bad. First off the sound is definitely inferior to the SNES game. The music isn't too bad but it does have some of the Genesis sounds and you know what I'm talking about. The digitized voices are bad to the point where I don't know what they were saying at times. When you begin the game the turtles say something but I don't know what it is, they are probably all sick from eating pizza they found on the ground.

This game contains one of my biggest pet peeves in the fourth level and they don't even try and hide it. It's called "The Gauntlet" and as you make your way right you have to fight all the bosses again which is lame. I was talking to my friend about this game, which he hadn't played in 20 years, and he said that the game held up pretty well to Turtles In Time. I then mentioned The Gauntlet and he changed his view. Come on guys, it's just lame. Do you think the creators of this game still care? Probably not. The last issue with this game is the slowdown. It's not too bad but the game does suffer from it in some places.

Overall I liked this game very much and the negatives I mentioned aren't really too bad. I think everyone is in agreement that Turtles In Time is the better game but The Hyperstone Heist is a close second. I give TMNT The Hyperstone Heist a 7 out of 10.

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