Friday, February 10, 2017

Saturday Morning RPG Review

Saturday Morning RPG is a role playing game by Might Rabbit Studios. It started life as a successful Kickstarter and was released on iOS and later ported to PCs, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Vita.

Saturday Morning RPG (SMRPG) is a great little game but I wouldn't recommend it to two groups, people who don't like JRPGs and people who are not fans of 80's pop culture. If you don't fit into any of these categories then keep reading.

In this game you are Marty, a typical high school kid who after fighting a kid at school is given a magical trapper keeper by a Wizard. The trapper keeper grants you powers to help stop the bad guys that want to rule the world.

The trapper keeper works in two ways; stickers on the cover and inside five containers for items. As you collect stickers you apply them to the cover and are able to use up to three during each battle. As the battle starts but before any attacks you move the right stick on your controller as fast as you can which is suppose to be you scratching the stickers. Each sticker has values, better stickers will take more effort to work while you're scratching. You have a finite time to scratch and if you don't finish a sticker you don't get it's effects for that battle.

Inside the trapper keeper are five pockets that you can fill with weapons or health. You can use whatever you want and if used up in a battle you can still reuse them in your next battle. Weapons include toys, pencils and baseball bats. Heath is in the form of food like cookies. There are also batteries that you can use to increase your damage multiplier to help you kill tougher enemies.

When traveling from one location to another the game works like classic RPGs. When your character comes into contact with an enemy you're off to the fights. Combat is classic JRPG, battles are turn based with each combatant fighting in order of their speed. When it's your turn you pick a weapon and attack, if you hit that enemy takes damage, if they die before their turn then you don't take any damage.

The plot is nothing fancy spanning five different Episodes. I would guess it would take eight to ten hours to complete the game. Each episode is around two hours which is a good length for when you have a few minutes to play. You can also save and load anytime you want except during combat. The story sounds like you were to take all the popular movies in the 80s and put them in a blender. There was probably a good chance that this wouldn't have worked but I had lots of fun playing this game.

When describing this game to someone the biggest point will be all the 80s pop culture. When I started playing I was writing down what I noticed. I stopped about an hour in because it's non stop. There are obvious nods to thinks like the Delorean with 88 on the hood.

There are a lot of things that is still 80s but would only be noticed by someone who knew what they were looking at. I found myself, as I played, trying to figure out which each thing in the game was from. To the best of my knowledge every single thing in this game is an homage from something. Some of it's slick and some of it's funny. Nothing made me groan when I saw it.

There is a lot to like in this game but don't expect this RPG to be on the same level as Skyrim, while it's simple it's still fun. This game is five years old at this point so it's doesn't cost too much, I paid four or eight dollars for it, I can't remember which. If you like the 80s and JRPGs I say give it a try. I give Saturday Morning RPG a 6 out of 10.

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