Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Night Wrestling Episode 1

Hello and welcome to our first episode of MONDAY NIGHT WRESTLING for the American Wargamers Association Wrestling Federation. Tonight we will have three cards, one on one for each match. All of the wrestlers are brand new and untested so we're in for an exciting night.

The matches are being played using Wild World Wrestling Main Event rules.

All action tonight will be taking place in the newly constructed Nutley Center located in beautiful Nutley New Jersey.


Our first match of the night is against Broke Boris vs The Woodsman. Boris comes from St. Petersburg, Russia and is here to make some money to help feed his many kids. Boris is 6' 3" and weighs 225 pounds. Boris' opponent tonight is The Woodsman is from a solitary cabin located deep in an Alaskan forest. He is 6' 5" and weighs 300 pounds.

The match begins with The Woodsman landing a kick to the stomach of Boris. Wanting to continue his attack the Woodsman runs and tries to spear Boris but Boris is able to get out of the way. The Woodsman slams into the top turnbuckle jamming his shoulder. Working through his pain The Woodsman smacks his elbow into Boris' head dazing him. The Woodsman grabs Boris and does an abdominal stretch to him dealing more damage to Boris.

The Woodsman releases Boris who stumbles around the ring in a daze. He tries to grab The Woodsman in the hopes of landing a DDT on him but The Woodsman smashes his good arm into Boris' chest. Failing to land the DDT sends Boris to the mat and The Woodsman tries to finish this match by dropping his leg onto Boris' head. Boris at this point is barely conscious as The Woodsman lays on top of him for the pin but Boris has just enough strength to kick out.

Boris is able to slap The Woodsman in the face and gets to his feet. Boris feels a second wind coming and he also drops a leg on The Woodsman before he can get to his feet. Boris does considerable damage to him. Using the last of his energy The Woodsman leaps on top of Boris for another pin attempt but he again kicks out. The Woodsman gets to his feet but has trouble keeping upright from the damage he's taken. Boris leaps at The Woodsman to spear him but he only grazes The Woodsman who had just enough strength to mostly get out of the way. Before Boris can get to his feet The Woodsman wraps his legs around Boris' much-damaged head and squeezes. The Woodsman lets go of Boris after draining all his energy away and rolls on top of him for an easy 1-2-3 for The Woodsman's first win!


Our second match tonight features the vile Taliban Terry vs Spotted Dick. Terry, from a cave somewhere in the Middle East, his stats are 6' 5" and 275 pounds. His opponent, Spotted Dick, is from Liverpool England and is 6' 6" and 300 pounds.

The match begins with both wrestlers tentatively coming towards each other with their hands out. Terry takes the initiative and bulldogs Dick. He follows that up with jawbreaker knocking Spotted Dick to the ground. Terry does a leg drop on Dick's head doing considerable damage.

Realizing that he needs to get some shots in before he loses he rams his shoulder into Taliban Terry's chest for his first successful attack. Dick continues on with a suplex dropping Terry to the mat.

Dick pulls Terry up and power bombs him, dealing a lot of damage to his back. Taliban Terry quickly gets to his feet despite the pain and spears Dick. Terry pins Dick's shoulders down and gets a two count before Dick lifts his right arm up.

Dick throws Terry off him, gets up and elbow drops him damaging his head. Dick continues his assault and DDT's Terry. Feeling that Terry is wounded enough for a pin he uses a crucifix pin on him and gets a two count before Terry gets his arm up. To keep from being pinned Terry jumps to his feet and smashes his elbow into Dick's chest. Dick takes a few seconds to get some air but Terry makes him pay for it with a very painful spear to Dick's back. Dick goes for the pin but Terry gets his arm up. Dick grabs Terry and puts him into a sharpshooter further draining Terry's strength. Dick again goes for a pin and 1-2-3 for his first win!


The last match of the evening is between Colonel Crusher vs The Tax Man. Colonel Crusher is from sunny Los Angeles and is a big man at 6'8" and 350 pounds. The Tax Man is from Boston Taxachusetts and stands at 6' 3" and 250 pounds.

At the bell The Tax Man grabs the Colonel and body slams him to the mat. He follows it up with a bulldog and then the Colonel grabs TTM and chokes him. The Tax Man is able to smash the Colonel's face with an elbow and gets away. TTM smashes the Colonel in the face with his forearm before giving him a jawbreaker. The Colonel is able to land a kick to the midsection of TTM but before he can follow it up with another move TTM lands a punch right to the Colonels face. As the Colonel is dazed by the punch TTM backs up and proceeds to spear the Colonel.

The Colonel stumbles to his feet and in a desperate attempt to turn this match around in his favor he slaps TTM across his chest. The slap does nothing to The Tax Man who grabs the Colonel and suplexes him. The Tax Man then lands a hard kick to the Colonel giving him no chance to regain his composure. The Tax Man struts over to the Colonel with a look on his face, the fans immediately know he's going to finish this match. As TTM reaches for the Colonel, the Colonel gets up lightning fast and lands a jumping spin kick to TTM's head. Then the Colonel hits TTM with a chop to his chest, The Tax Man has finally taken some damage.

The Colonel comes over to TTM and The Tax Man grabs him and hits him with a crucifix slam, The Tax Man was faking his injuries to lure The Colonel in. The Tax Man follows this up with a double ax handle smash. The Colonel stumbles from the assault, as the TTM comes in close to the Colonel, the Colonel was faking his injury again and he lands a second jumping spin kick. The Colonel continues the assault with a slap to TTM's chest.

The Tax Man falls back to the ropes and leans against them to catch his breath. The Colonel, not wanting to give him any breaks, comes over and reaches out for him. The Tax Man ducks out of his way, grabs The Colonel, and body slams him to the mat. The Colonel, clearly getting mad, grabs the Colonel and bites him on his neck. This move makes The Tax Man explode in rage, he grabs the Colonel by the neck and chokeslams him into the mat.

Despite his injuries, the Colonel makes his way to his feet and manages to land a chop to TTM's chest. With his rage building The Tax Man smashes his elbow into the Colonel's face, this blow was to his nose and it snaps with blood flowing out all over the Colonel. The Tax Man grabs the Colonel again and does a belly to belly suplex on him. Seeing his chance The Tax Man drops on top of the Colonel to pin him but the Colonel is able to get his shoulder off the mat before the ref counted three. The Tax Man jumps up to yell at the ref giving the Colonel a chance to perform a bulldog on him.

At this point, The Tax Man loses it and wants to end this match any way possible. He picks up the Colonel and gives him a big bear hug, the fans in the front row hear his ribs cracking. The Tax Man throws the Colonel's body to the mat and begins again to argue with the ref. The Colonel isn't going to quit and gets to his feet. The Tax Man senses him and turns to see the Colonel lunging for him. TTM puts his boot up in the air which connects with the Colonel's face further damaging it.

The Tax Man goes for a second pin attempt on the Colonel. The Colonel is able to get his shoulder up and punches TTM in his face. The Tax Man punches back stunning the Colonel and goes for a third pin. The Colonel scratches his face and is able to flip him over for a pin. After a three count, the Colonel has his first victory in an upset. The Tax Man seemed like he had this match in the bag but you never know with the AMAMF.

Next week on the winner's side we have The Woodsman squaring off against Spotted Dick. The other winner, The Colonel, will be facing a new challenge. Finally, in the losers bracket, we have Broke Boris facing off against Taliban Terry.

On February 26th, 2017 we will be bringing you our first Pay Per View with the Main Event beginning the top two wrestlers squaring off for the AMAMF Heavyweight Belt. There will also be another belt on the line and a special match so stay tuned.

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