Thursday, June 14, 2018

U.S. Army Jeep WW2 By Warlord Games Bolt Action

This jeep is the latest build that I've finished for a lot of stuff I've recently purchased related to World War 2.

This Warlord Games jeep was easy to put together and was also easy to paint and I have to say I think it looks pretty good. 

This is my first 28mm U.S. WW2 vehicle that I've purchased and built up but don't worry, I have some reinforcements on the way.

Unfortunately for me, I can't find the machine gunner that came with this Jeep. I have the soldier that fires it and have him painted and ready to go, so hopefully, the machine gun will turn up to complete this jeep. If I can't find it I'm not too worried as with the gunner gone I can have a few troops riding in the back seats.

I'm very happy with this Jeep and can recommend it if you're looking to outfit your battlefields with a 28mm allied Jeep for WW2.

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