Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Nano Metalfigs Scrooge DC18 Miniature Figure

I was at my local Wal-Mart looking to buy some spray paint. I cut down one isle, on the other side of the store from the toy department, and I find a dislpay of Disney Nano Metalfigs. I have to say I bought most of them including one of my favorite characters, Scrooge McDuck.

On my first look of Scrooge out of the packaging I could clearly see that he looks great, even for a dollar miniature. Since he's originally from comic books and then to cartoons his colors are pretty basic which is great for his miniature because he is only has six colors to paint. His eyes and glasses are the smallest parts on Scrooge but the paint on him looks very good.

I measured Scrooge up to my 1966 Batman metalfig and they look to be about the same height. While Batman is proportioned like a human figure, Scrooge is a anthropomorphic duck and his body is much wider. In reality, if talking ducks were real, Scrooge would be much smaller than Batman which is why he looks so wide compared to Batman.

Here's a picture of my Nano Scrooge and my Funko Scrooge I bought previously.

Scrooge McDuck is another great figure by Nano Metalfigs and I recommend picking him up if you like what you see.

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