Monday, October 22, 2018

Baloo Action Figure From Funko's Disney Afternoon Toy Line Review

With the addition of Baloo I'm only missing Darkwing Duck from Funco's Disney Afternoon toy line.

Baloo is the main character from the Disney Afternoon TV show Talespin and I think that this action figure is great fine looking figure and a good representation of this 2D cartoon self.

My only gripe with him is that he comes with no accessories which is kinda lame in my book.

Oh, and the fact that he has writing on his butt which is very noticeable when looking at him from the back. I understand why companies stamp copyright info on their action figures but it just looks bad on Baloo.

Baloo is a good looking figure and I think with a few accessories and either moving the copyright information to another spot or at least shrink it, he's a good action figure. If you like the Disney Afternoon and/or Talespin I think Baloo is a must have figure. I give him a 6 out of 10.

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