Tuesday, July 2, 2019

DC Multiverse Batman The Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman Review

"I'm Batman"

For the last few years, I haven't made many action figure purchases based upon comic books but all that changed the other day. While making my way down my local Wal-Mart's clearance aisle I spotted this Batman and for only 5 dollars I knew I was coming home with this guy.

This Armored Batman comes from the seminal Batman story The Dark Knight Returns comic series by Frank Miller. If you don't know who Frank Miller is then you're probably on the wrong website. Besides The Dark Knight Returns, Miller has had major hits with Batman: Year One, Sin City, 300 and much more. He also wrote the script for the movie RoboCop 2 and also has a cameo in that movie. Unfortunately, his recent work hasn't been as well as received as his previous work.

I'll just leave this here.

Anyway, this figure is based upon Batman when he armored himself up to face off against Superman. If you don't know the comic but have seen Batman V Superman then this guy is a bit familiar as some of the story for that movie was based upon The Dark Knight Returns comic series.

After pulling him out of the packaging I have to admit that he is a pretty great looking figure. I'm not the biggest fan of Batman wearing alternate costumes/suits but this one was done well and is my favorite. This is a very authentic looking figure at this price point and let's face it, he just looks badass in this armor. Superman had better watch his back.

This 6 Inch Batman MSRP is $24.95 and comes with 18 points of articulation which allows you to pose him in many different ways apparently. As you can see most of the poses in the pictures I took have him standing like he's waiting in line for his turn at the DMV. I had some problems getting this Batman to pose without either holding on to him or using something to prop him up. The armor is bulky and does make him hard to pose in certain ways.

The only time Batman wields a gun is when he's in line at the DMV. If you bring a gun to your DMV even all of Bruce Wayne's money won't help you out.

Now when we think of Batman and there are two big things we think of; no guns and lots of gadgets. This Batman comes with one accessory and it's a gun which I find funny. Yes, I know he has this in the comic book so I'll let the gun pass but no other accessories? Not even a Batarang?? And how cheap is it of DC to not have Batman come with his major accessory, the Batmobile.

The picture above is what comes with the figure. This wave of figures, the others are shown in the picture below, each come with a piece to build Doomsday from the DC 52 comics series. Batman gets Doomsday's head (cool), and his crotch (not cool). I guess to get the best piece he also has to have the worst piece.

Now that I have Doomsday's crotch I kinda feel like I need to get the other figures so I can complete him and that's going to be a problem because I have no interest in the Robin or Mutant Leader from The Dark Knight Returns or Lex Luthor from the new Superman movies. The Supergirl and Superman: Doomed figures look pretty good so we'll see what the future brings. I will say that If I find any of these figures at my Wal-Mart for 5 bucks I'll purchase them.

Here we have Batman with Raphael and Karg.

This is a great Batman action figure for fans of Batman or of The Dark Knight Returns. He looks great at this price point and has decent articulation. He also comes with pieces to build Doomsday which isn't too bad as the Doomsday figure looks great too. The only real issue is only coming with one gun and none of his iconic Bat Tech. If you like Batman and have 25 bucks (or less) I suggest picking him up. I give this Armored Batman figure a 7 out of 10.

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