Tuesday, February 19, 2019

TMNT Raphael NECA 7 Inch 1990 Movie Action Figure

I previously purchased and review the 1/4 scale NECA Donatello action figure from the 1990 movie. I love the figure but I haven't purchased the others for two reasons. First is the price, over 100 dollars for one figure is a high price. I'm not saying that these figures aren't worth that price, in my opinion, they are, it's just that I can buy many action figures for the price of one of these figures. The second is the size as these 1/4 figures are big. I may eventually buy the rest of the 1/4 scale figures but for today we are looking at the 7 inch Raphael action figure.

NECA released all four 1990 movie action figures last year at the San Diego Comic Con. Of course, they sold out quickly and started commanding high prices on the secondary market. For the price they were selling for it was almost worth it to just buy the 1/4 scale but I found out that NECA was to sell them at Gamestop as an exclusive. I read that they had to be sold as an exclusive because Playmates are the only ones allowed to sell movie figures in this scale. I don't know if that's true but it's what I've heard.

Anyway, I found out about them too late to preorder them so I was stuck with trying to find them out in stores. Luckily Gamestop has a store locator to let me know where I could find them. When they were first released nobody had them around me and the closest store was in New York City which is three hours away from me. On eBay they were already asking 100 dollars for a 22.99 figure so I kept checking until I found a store 40 minutes away from me which had them. So I grabbed the wife, jumped in the car, and came home with four baby turtles.

Right off the bat, I'm just going to say that these figures are awesome. They are just the right size to not take up my whole house to display them and all four cost me less than one of the 1/4 scale turtles.

These figures look like they came right off the silver screen. NECA did a great job with these as they have 30 points of articulation including double elbows and knees. When I first pulled these guys out of their packaging you'll find that these guys joints are tight. You'll need to be careful with moving the joints because NECA figures have a reputation of breaking including the 1/4 scale turtles. When you pull the figures out you can carefully work the joints until they are less stiff and less likely to break on you.

Raphael comes with a number of accessories besides the figure itself. You'll get two sets of hands, one for holding his weapons and an open hand that can hold on to the piece of pizza that he also comes with. You'll also get his two sais which also look great. Finally, you'll get two different bandana ends to give you extra ways to display him. The only thing that I would have liked was a second head to give him a little more variety but I'm very happy with the head he comes with. Out of the four movie turtles I always like Raphael's head the best and this figure has nailed his look.

As far as the action figures themselves go you'll find that they share some pieces. The turtles all have the same arms and legs which is fine. Their chest shell part also looks to be the same but Raphael and Donatello have the same shells on the back and Leonardo and Michelangelo share the same shell which I think is correct but I haven't pulled out the movie to screen test them. Of course, they all have their own heads and belts which cannot be removed.

I love this figure to the point that I was thinking about buying a second set just in case any of these break. It's not that I'm expecting these to break it's just that I'd like to have a backup if something does happen and I'm guessing these guys will be sold out pretty quickly. 

These figures are just wonderful and I hope their line continues. The 1/4 scale has released a foot soldier and the Shredder and I believe that they will be added to the 7-inch line. This summer at the San Diego Comic-Con NECA will be showing new figures for the 1/4 that again hopefully will be brought out for this line too. I would love a Splinter, April, Tatsu, Casey Jones figures for this line. Hell, I'd take a Sam Rockwell figure and even Danny, anything they want to release for this movie I'll buy.

If you're a TMNT 1990 movie fan or just like turtle figures than these are a must buy. If you want these and don't have them yet I would run out to your local Gamestop and buy some before they are all sold out. When you factor in that they look like they stepped out of the 1990 film, have pretty great possibility, and are reasonably priced I have to recommend these figures with a 10 out of 10! 

Stay tuned for my reviews of the other Turtles in this scale.

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