Monday, February 10, 2020

Hero Forge 2.0 Full Color Custom Miniature Kickstarter

Hero Forge is a company that allows you to make custom miniatures buy using their software and then have them 3D print you the miniature. They currently have a Kickstarter up, which ends on February 13 at 8:00 PM PST and they have destroyed their goal of $40,000, with three days left as of this writing they have made $2,595,XXX which I would have to call a successful Kickstarter.

I've had intentions of ordering a custom figure from them and just haven't due to not really playing a game that I could use this miniature for, which would be one based upon me. A great thing with this new Kickstarter is that with the release of Hero Forge 2.0 there will be many different new options to choose from when creating your character.

Of course, the best thing about this new Kickstarter is that the miniatures will come painted. I'll admit that I do like painting miniatures but the truth is I'm getting old and my eyes aren't what they use to be. If you noticed with my recent content there haven't been too many newly painted miniatures. While my painting production won't be what it once was I'm not done painting minis but... Hero Forge 2.0 will paint the miniatures you have produced. You can pay extra to have a human paint them for you which I'm sure will turn out good but this new Hero Forge 2.0 3D prints your minis in full color.

Current Hero Forge miniatures start at $29.99 for a premium plastic miniature around 30mm in height plus shipping. In this Kickstarter for $39.99 plus shipping (it was 5 Dollars for me), you get a custom 30mm fully painted 3D miniature. The painted samples look pretty good but in all honesty not as good as a well-painted miniature by a human. The paint jobs do look much better than collectible miniatures like Heroclix minis. I figure if  I don't like the way the miniature looks painted, I can repaint it anyway I like. If I did go down that way I would still be ok with the extra price due to all the new features available with 2.0.

I always wanted a miniature of myself that I could use in games like All Things Zombie or After The Horsemen. Nobody is making a miniature that looks like me, or at least with all the accessories that I would want. I could custom make one but I'm not the greatest at it and frankly don't feel like spending my time making a custom me. Of course, these miniatures are expensive at $40 for a 30mm but for a fully customizable mini in full color, I think it is a great deal.

At this point, the Kickstarter is fully funded and these will be produced so no need to worry about that. Hero Forge has been around for years and their current custom miniatures have received some great reviews so I'm pretty confident that I will be getting my custom me, although with the number of orders it may take a while for them to get my guy out to me. If you have any interest in a customizable 30mm miniature in full color check out their Kickstarter and stay tuned in the future for my review of my mini.

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