Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Masters Of The Universe Classics Commander Karg by Super7 Action Figure Review

After nearly a year of waiting, I finally received my "William Stout" Masters Of The Universe Classics Movie figures. I put the William Stout in quotes because when they were originally revealed they were called the William Stout Collection but these figures only say "Classics Collection" on the sides of the packaging.

I'm starting with Karg because he's technically the only repaint figure, God Skeletor is a repaint but he is still new and not a previously released figure like Karg. Like I always say, how does this movie variant of Karg compare to the original release?

Right off the bat, I'm going to say that I like this figure way more than the original that was painted in the style of his comic book debut. Truthfully I wouldn't have purchased the original release if I knew a movie variant was coming but I look at it like buying the first one shows Super7 that there is enough demand for movie figures and I'm very happy with this movie variant so it's all good.

I'll get the comparisons out of the way. Of course, the paint is the biggest change and I like it. Besides being movie accurate I think he just looks more like a believable character and the black and gold looks better than all the blue of the original release but there is more to him than just the paint.

The other big change is his hook. The original comic book release has him equipped with a generic hook. The movie version has a hook that is identical to the hook in the movie.

Here's a capture from the movie of the hook.

I understand the reasoning behind releasing Karg twice as it helps spread out the price of the tooling so I was hoping for a few new accessories. Unfortunately, he comes with the exact same accessories as the comic book version, colors and all. There isn't much they could do to the gun to make it look more accurate since its black like in the movie but his

When the movie came out it wasn't quite what Mattel was hoping for and the movie universe pretty much ended there. Because of this, there is very little information about the new characters created for the movie, besides what you see in the movie, so I'm happy that they continued the MOTUC card backs with a summary of the character with some new information.

The movie Karg is known as Commander Karg, Evil Master Of Cruelty. He is the son of an inbred Spelean archduke and a mad human baroness. He did some deeds, worked for Skeletor, was imprisoned, but my favorite part is when he got out of jail he paid back his people by releasing a rare virus called "The Horror-Koth Plague." He sounds a lot cooler than a crazy grandma-bat looking bad guy depicted in the movie.

As far as the figure itself goes its the same as the comic book release. His articulation is the same with a ball joint head, with articulation on each arm at the shoulder, bicep, elbow, and wrist. The legs have articulation at the hip, knee, and boot swivel plus the waist turns. All this allows Karg to move pretty well and my movie version has much sturdier ankles than my comic book release who can barely stand up by himself, and keep standing too. Movie Karg is still a little weaker in the ankle than some of my other MOTUC figures but he's miles ahead of my comic book version so I'm very happy with Super7 as this is only the second MOTUC figure I've purchased from Super7.

We really need a movie Beastman, Mattel... can you hear me?
Overall I'm much happier with this Karg than his previously released Comic Book version. This Karg movie variant looks just like his movie counterpart, the movie repaint and redesigned hook really work for me. And the best change, at least for me, is that his ankles are stronger and he stands easier than his earlier counterpart. All of this brings my rating up to an 8 out of 10 for the movie version of Karg. If you want your own your own Karg action figure, this is the one to get.

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