Sunday, June 14, 2020

Masters Of The Universe: The Board Game CMON Kickstarter

On May 29th, 2020 CMON announced they would be releasing a Kickstarter for a new board game with miniatures sometime next year. This announcement has me very excited for the chance to play a new MOTU game and get some new miniatures.

I know that Mattel has been planning a new MOTU cartoon and toy series that was supposed to debut later this year but with the Pandemic I have no idea if it will still be released on time. The date listed for this Kickstarter is 2021 so that's up to 18 months from the release of this announcement.

I don't have much experience with the company CMON besides the fact that they have a Song Of Ice and Fire (Game Of Thrones) miniature range and game. I do have one of the miniature box sets, half painted, and I can say I'm cautiously optimistic with their new MOTU miniature line. There haven't been many MOTU miniatures released so anything is a welcome addition. I only hope that they keep the scale in a common one between 28mm-32mm which is what all my miniatures are (mostly) along with my terrain. Miniatures too big or too small won't fit with anything that I have.

Unless some kind of huge issue, I'll definitely be Kickstarting this release and when it is live I'll let you know. MOTU was a monster line during the 80s that while still popular hasn't reached the level of popularity this century that other popular 80s lines like Transformers and TMNT have reached so any new games or miniatures are a welcome addition. I only hope that the game will be fun to play! For the complete press release, you can click here.

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