Friday, June 12, 2020

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics II Booster Box Opening

I've dipped my foot into the wide world of Heroclix and with my current Star Trek kick, I decided to buy a booster box. I did this for a few reasons with the biggest being it's fun to open blind boxes to see what you get. Of the four HeroClix Tactics releases Series II is the cheapest so that's the one I purchased.

My box cost under $40 shipped for 12 ships which makes them cost just over 3 dollars per ship and if you look on eBay or HeroClix sellers you can't get any ship for three dollars shipped so I was happy with this purchase. I'm hoping to add to my Enterprise D with more Federation ships as well as some Romulans and Klingons.

I do not know the ratio of commons, uncommons, and rares but I ended up with 6 commons, 4 uncommonds, and 2 rares. In the commons I got the RIS VO, IKS Ning'Tao, RIS Apnex, Ni'Var, IRW Jazkal, and the Krayton. For the uncommons, I received the IRW Haakona, Ti'Mur, Kornak, and the Tal'Kir. For rares, I received the Romulan IRW Valdore and the Breen Rav Laerst.

My biggest disappointment is the complete lake of Federation ships. I wanted at least one to go with the Enterprise D. One Klingon saddened me a bit but the Bird Of Prey is my favorite Klingon ship so I'm ok with that. On the Romulan front, I did pretty good with a total of five ships including the rare Valdore, two scout ships including one mid cloak which I like the look of, a fully cloaked Romulan Spy ship from the NX Enterprise Era, and a D'deridex class ship which is my favorite Romulan ship.

So no Federation ships, one Klingon ship, five Romulan ships, one Breen ship, one Cardassian ship, one Ferengi ship, and three Vulcan ships. I'm happy that I now have a ship for numerous different races but the three Vulcan ships are a little much. When I want to play a starship combat game in the Star Trek universe the last thing I think of is the Vulcans.

One of the things I've read online is with these blind boxes being opened up only to find broken ships and unfortunately for me, I was no different. Out of the twelve ships I got, five were broken in one way or another. Of course out of the two rares I got, one of them was broken but it was ok because it was just the ship breaking off from the base. This also happened with the Ferengi ship. The two Vulcan ships had their rings broken off which were pretty easy to fix. The Cardassian ship had one of its rear wings? broken off along with the middle piece between the two rear wings. Everything was fixed with super glue and so far so good but honestly, I'm waiting for the first time I drop one of these ships onto the floor. They look great (for the price) but they are very fragile.

It's true that at the time of this writing I haven't played many games of Star Trek HeroClix Tactics but I'm not worried about getting all the ships only to not like the game. The HeroClix Tactics line has produced four series of ships and many of them aren't available in any other game. And let's face it, miniatures for Star Trek ships aren't the cheapest and I just added twelve new ships at three dollars each so I'm pretty happy with that.

I honestly haven't decided if I want to bite the bullet and collect them all or just get a nice selection of ships and purchase the specific ships I want online. Besides HeroClix Tactics, these ships can be used in any Star Fleet Battles or Federation Commander game along with FASA's Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator. I'm sure there are more games that can also use these ships but they could also be used in one of the many Star Trek tabletop RPGs. Lastly, I'm collecting some of these ships because I'm a big fan of Star Trek and these ships are a way to get an actual physical model of the ships at affordable prices. Even the most expensive rares in this set aren't hundreds of dollars so it is pretty affordable. I think if you like Star Trek ship combat games, play Star Trek RPGs, or just like Star Trek ship miniatures, these could be up your alley.

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