Thursday, September 22, 2022

Wings Of Glory Video Game Reconnaissance Mission AAR #2


Today I'm playing a Reconnaissance Mission with the video game based on the Wings Of Glory Board Game.  I will need to fly a two-person plane over the area to be filmed and perform a stall so the passenger can take a picture of the area and then escape before being shot down.

I will be flying a Sopwith Camel as a defender of my Airco DH.4 which is a two-seater that will take the pictures. Both of these planes add up to 215 points used. The enemy will be flying two Fokker D.VIIs with one piloted by ACE Rudolf Stark (Purplish Plane) and the second D.VII will be piloted by ACE Gotthard Sachsenberg (Yellow Plane).  

For the first turn, I set both planes to fly forward as fast as they can, I'm thinking of a quick hit and run through their side, grab the pictures, and fly off the board as quickly as possible. The second turn will be the same maneuvers except the Airco will stall for its third move.

During the second turn, all planes are within range of their enemies and all planes take some shots, my side definitely won the battle only taking one damage to each plane. The enemy planes don't do so well, my Airco fires at Stark's Fokker but causes 0 damage. My Sopwith Camel also fired at that plane as well causing 4 damage and making his engine smoke.

Turn 2

As the planes move away from each other my Airco, which has a gunner/photographer in the back seat fires at Sachsenberg's Fokker and causes 2 damage as well as injuring the pilot.

Turn 3

On the third turn, I have the Airco looking for the area to take pictures while the Camel turns hard right to get back into firing range. The two enemy Fokkers are also turning to reengage with me. Sachsenberg's Fokker got behind my Camel and fired causing 1 damage as well as damaging my rudder keeping me from making right-hand turns which is not good in a dogfight. Also, Stark's engine is no longer smoking. My Airco hasn't been able to locate the area to take pictures of so I have him engaging the enemies.

Turn 4

The fourth turn for me went very badly. My Camel pulls hard right to get my guns facing the  Sachsenberg's Fokker while he closes in and fires pulls the explosion card for damage and my Sopwith Camel is no more. The Airco comes back into the fight and hits Sachsenberg's Fokker and does 1 damage to it.

At the end of the fourth turn:

Sopwith Camel  - Destroyed

Airco DH.4       - 15 Damage Left

Fokker Sachsenberg  - 13 Damage Left 

Fokker Stark  - 12 Damage Left

For the fifth turn, I continue following Sachsenberg's Fokker hoping to destroy him before moving onto the second plane. He nearly outmaneuvers me but the rear gunner does cause 1 damage to his plane. 

Turn 6

I see Stark's Fokker messing around with my machine gunner on the ground which is the area that the enemies need to photograph, I don't like this so I send my Airco right at him.

Turn 7

The seventh turn has me going full forward with the intention of doing as much damage to the Stark's Fokker as I can. The Airco causes 1 Damage to the Fokker as well as damaging his rudder. The Fokker also fires at my Airco causing 1 damage and damaging the engine, it's starting to look bad for my chances.

I begin the eighth turn with an Immelmann turn, which was a mistake. If you look at the maneuvers I picked you can see that I actually just picked a stall and not an Immelmann, I wasn't paying enough attention to what I choose and proceeded to fly off the board which causes me to lose the game.

Overall a very poor game played by me but I still had fun. First off I assumed I only had to take pictures but the mission is for both sides to get pictures of the enemy. Since I picked only single-seat planes for the enemy he could not complete his main objective and the only chance for him to win is to destroy both of my planes or have me fly off the board before I can take my pictures.

I also should have been paying closer attention to what I was doing and maybe I'd have done better. I will have to replay this mission again in the future. I'd like to set it up the same way to see if I can win and I'd like to refly the mission so we both have planes to take pictures with. One last thing is that this is the first time I've ever flown a mission against a Fokker D.VII. The Fokker D.VII is one of the planes out of print and pretty expensive on the secondary market so I don't have a physical miniature of this plane so my first chance to fly against one was playing the video game. It's nice to be able to use the D.VII but I'd much rather have physical models to fly against my physical planes, I've paid enough for all the planes that I have and would like to fly a D.VII that I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for or have to get 3D printed, paint up, and come up with a solution for its maneuver deck. 

I hoped you enjoyed this write-up of my failure. If you are interested in Wings Of Glory, either the board game with miniatures or the video game, I would recommend trying the new video game version as it's cheaper than purchasing one plane so it's the most accessible and a great way to get people into the game while the company begins to produce new minis.

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