Monday, January 29, 2024

Masters Of The Universe Masterverse Movie Evil-Lyn Action Figure Review


I thought that Mattel would release a movie He-Man and Skeletor and be done but today I bring you their newest 1987 movie release, Evil-Lyn.

First off, I have to say that Mattel went above and beyond on the box art. It is covered with excellent movie-inspired artwork that really sets this figure apart from the others on the shelf. The artwork that has been used on all the Movie figures has been stellar. 

Now on to the figure and I have to say that I really like this action figure. Evil-Lyn's clothing looks great and she has a lot of detail.

The likeness to Meg Foster, the actress who portrayed Evil-Lyn in the movie, is very well done. The head the action figure comes with has a neutral look to it which is fine but a second head with her scowling would have been a welcome addition.

Accessories wise Evil-Lyn doesn't come with much. She has one pair of hands to hold swords and one pair of hands that are more open to hold bigger things. The only other accessory she comes with is a see-through blue cosmic key. In the movie, Evil-Lyn is searching for the Cosmic Key and has a device that recreates the key which looks like this blue key, but the figure doesn't come with the device which is weird. Without that device, the Cosmic Key looks like it just appears out of her hand. I guess at this price point you shouldn't expect a lot in the way of accessories.

Evil-Lyn comes with the standard Masterverse 30 points of articulation, and she is capable of some decent poses. The only thing restricting her movements is the dark blue rubber dress that she is wearing that covers her backside. The cape she is wearing is made out of cloth and doesn't restrict Evil-Lyn in any way. 

I only have two nitpicks when it comes to this action figure. First off on the toy Evil-Lyn's breastplate is a silver color when in the movie it was a shiny gold color. The other issue I have is the cloth cape was taped down in the packaging and when I removed the tape it left some residue on the cape, and I don't know how to remove it without also damaging the cape. If anyone out there has any ideas, please let me know.

I hope this figure sells well so Mattel continues to release figures from the 1987 movie. Just going by the box art there are three characters that I would welcome as action figures including Skeletor's "stormtroopers" along with the flying air centurions. Lastly, the box art has a shot of the movie version of Beastman which would make a great figure. Along with those figures, I would love a Teela, Sorceress, Kevin and Julie, Lubic, and Charlie. Hell, I'd love to get an action figure of Carl the Janitor. Any action figure based upon the movie characters that Mattel releases I will purchase.

This Evil-Lyn action figure is an excellent addition to my Masters Of The Universe The Motion Picture collection and I can't wait to add more. I give this Movie Evil-Lyn an 8 out of 10! 

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