Saturday, July 28, 2012

Command Decision 15mm Shermans

I just finished painting 3 Shermans I bought from Command Decision. I gave them a coat of grey primer then painted them with Vallejo Brown Violet. Next, I gave them a wash followed up with a highlight of Brown Violet and sealed them a gloss finish. I then applied some decals I had and finished them off with a matt varnish. They may not win any painting awards but I was able to knock them out fairly quickly and they look really good on the gaming table.

 I bought these from Old Glory using their Army Discount so they cost me less than 5 dollars each. I know I had to pay 50 dollars for the membership but you can buy Command Decision from Warweb at the same discount. Some people may argue that other minis are better quality but at this price, I don't think they can be beaten. I am interested in getting some tanks from The Plastic Soldier Company and see how they are since they come out to be about the same price as Command Decision tanks. Some people must have bucketfuls of cash for their gaming but after family, bills, other hobbies I can't throw an unlimited amount of money at my wargaming hobby so I will gladly play games with these 5 dollar tanks.

(The tanks are not from Battlefront they are just in front of a Flame Of War book as it was at hand when I took the pictures.)

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