Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two Hour Wargames IndieGogo Card Decks Review

In the mail today I received the card decks from the 2 Hour Wargames All Things Zombie IndieGogo campaign. For those of you who do not know the card decks are a new way to play All Things Zombie.

The City Cards each have a picture of the type of building it represents with the name of the building as well as easy to read stats for the type of building, the Encounter Rating for each part of the day, number of floors the building has and if the building has an ATM.

The City Deck can be used two different ways. When playing a game of ATZ say one of the buildings on the game board is a condo so I pick the Atlantis Towers card from City Deck and use it as a cheat sheet for the stats I need to play instead of having to go through the book to get all the information I need. The other way to use the card is instead of using actual terrain you layout out the cards as the terrain with each building represented by a card. Now to me I would always want to use the terrain when possible but the cards would be very handy if you wanted to play a quick game without taking the time to setup the table or if you don't have the room for a full table.

Another good use of the cards would be if you were traveling. There have been times I've been away from home and had been in the middle of a great campaign that I would have liked to continue on the road but didn't have the room to lug all the terrain around with. Using the cards you could fit the rules, rulers, terrain cards and miniatures in a regular board game box and go on the road with your campaign. If you had tokens instead of  miniatures you could fit everything in your pockets.

The second deck I received was the Zombie Deck. Each card contains information for when you encounter something during a game. For each encounter instead of having to go through the rules to determine what your character has come across you pick a card from deck and are ready to go saving you time and effort during a game.

The Zombie Cards list if you encounter humans or zombies and the amount of each for Urban, Suburbs, and Rural locations as well as if you encounter any survivors and the weapons they carry and what you would find in the location if you search.

Overall I'm very happy with the cards and I will post a review after I've played a game with them. The only thing that was disappointing was that the City Deck comes with a box to store the cards in but the Zombie Deck didn't. I know it's not the end of the world but I found it a bit strange to have one deck come with a box and the other to not have one.

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