Saturday, September 6, 2014

Let's Play After The Horsemen Campaign Episode 1 With Card Decks

I've been thinking about starting a new post-apocalyptic campaign using 2 Hour Wargames rule set After The Horsemen so here we are. If you've never played After The Horsemen you can read my review here. I decided I would play as a lone wolf and created a character named Larry Templeton. The encounter for this game would be wandering with a goal of finding an NPC to interact with or to find a settlement.

I was feeling particularly lazy and decided it would be a good time to try out the two card decks I got from 2 Hour Wargames. The two decks are called city deck and the zombie deck and were developed for All Things Zombie but work for After The Horsemen with no problem. You can click here to see a brief description of each deck.

I took the city deck and set up the standard 16 card layout and rolled for PEF's (Possible Enemy Forces) and came up with 6. Larry Templeton was set up on the left of the board and the six guys on the right represent the 6 PEF's.

The game began and Larry started down the road and entered the first building he found hoping to find some good loot or possibly some people he could interact with. He entered Piranha's Restaurant and found nobody inside but did find a luxury item. The PEF's danced around on the other side of the map but stayed away from Larry.

Larry entered the next building down the strip, Riperian Place, unfortunately, that building was completely empty.

The last building before the intersection was Downtown Groceries, Larry searched everywhere inside but came up with nothing.

Larry looked out into the intersection and saw two PEF's in the street. He examined them closely and the first one turned out to be nothing. The second one was a lone wolf by the name Bill Sampson. They got to talking and Bill said if he could tag along with Larry for a while he would show him the location of a settlement. In one move I accomplished both of my objectives so the pair went up the road and off the map to finish this encounter.

There were still four PEF's on the map but I decided that since I hadn't played the game in a few months a quick game would be good to get back into the rules. And like I said I had completed both of my objectives so if bullets started flying it could easily go bad real quick.

The two-card decks worked out very well. When playing games my preference would be to use regular terrain but on days like today when I was feeling lazy, the city deck comes in handy. The city deck would also be great for gaming on the go. With the rules on my iPad, the city deck and some tokens which could be as simple as coins I could play this game without any loss of playability and not have to lug boxes of terrain and miniatures with me.

The zombie deck is an even greater play aid. Every time I entered a building instead of having to check different charts and roll to see who or what was in each building all I had to do was draw a card and all the info was given to me. It's true the charts don't take too long to calculate that out each time but all that extra time adds up.

In part 2 the guys will be on a hunt for something to eat. Click here to read it now.

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