Monday, September 1, 2014

Federation Commander Reference Rulebook Review

Amarillo Design Bureau released a Reference Rulebook for Federation Commander which contains all the current rules from every module released for the game. If you play Federation Commander I would recommend that you buy it for a few different reasons. The rulebook can be purchased in either a printed version or as a pdf from Steve Jackson Games e23 website.

Even with a game that is pretty easy to play unless you are a genius that has a photographic memory, you'll need to check the rulebook from time to time and if you're a hardcore Federation Commander fan you'll have all the different expansions. The Romulan Border book has the information on cloaks and plasma and War and Peace has all the information on the Andromedans. You'll need to check 10 different rulebooks from each product to find the rule you need. That's why the Reference Rulebook is great to own, it has all the rules in one place. Of course, it isn't necessary to own it to play it just makes playing much easier.

Unlike the rulebooks that come with products like Klingon Border the Reference Rulebook only contains rules and no scenarios. No maps, no counters just rules.

Of the two versions of the rulebook, I recommend getting the pdf version for reasons other than it's cheaper. When I'm playing a game I prefer to have a printed version of the rulebook in front of me but the pdf version has one advantage over paper. When the Reference Rulebook is updated you can download the new version for free. To me that makes it worth the cost of admission, you're rulebook will never go out of date. And if you're a big fan of a paper version like me you can always print out a hard copy from the pdf.

To purchase the Reference Rulebook you can buy the paper version here for $14.95 and to buy the pdf version you can get it here for $15.00 and yes I was surprised it was a nickel cheaper for the paper version but at least you don't have to pay for shipping for the pdf.

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