Saturday, February 21, 2015

28mm Basing Tutorial

Victory Force Miniature

There are many different ways to base miniatures and after trying out a bunch of them I've come up with a way that is pretty easy to do and is quick but still looks good on the table.

The first thing I do is give them a little bath in some soapy water, you can't have them going to war dirty!! Next, I glue them to their bases, make sure you score both the bottom of the mini as well as the base to promote adhesion. I get my bases from Litko, they sell a great product and I highly recommend them.

At this point, I prime my minis. I've been using cans of primer for the last 2 decades but I've run into problems, an example is some of my Empire Of The Dead miniatures looked fine when I primed them but when they were dry I saw that the primer has splattered and they now looked like they were covered in pimples, so I have been thinking about getting an airbrush. Once I figure out how to use it I believe it will make painting easier, especially when painting a large group.

If the miniatures you are basing have a slotted base you can skip this part since they are already flush with the base. Once the glue has dried I mix up a batch of spackling compound with some water to form a paste that I spread over the base

After covering the base of the mini with spackling compound I take my finger and rub it around the lip of the base to remove any of the Spackle.

When the Spackle has dried I get out some brown paint and paint the bases but before I let them dry I sprinkle some sand over the paint to give the base some grit that will come in handy later when painting the base. Once the brown is dried I hit it again with brown to lock in the sand.

When the paint and glue are dry I paint up the mini and touch up the ground if I got any paint on it. I then take a lighter color than the brown base color, usually the same brown with some white in it and dry brush the sand.

At this point, I complete painting the mini. Once the paint is dry I take some craft glue and hit usually around 3 to 4 spots to glue some static grass to the base. If there are any wonky spots on the base you can put the glue there and have the grass cover the mistake.

Next, you want to pick up the static grass with tweezers and from above the base and apply the grass. Doing it from above helps make the grass stand up. After you've applied the grass tap the base to get all excess grass off.

As you can see it looks pretty good. It wasn't a lot of effort and looks good on the table so I think it's a good balance between time, effort and looks.

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