Thursday, June 11, 2015

Let's Play After The Horsemen Campaign Episode 2 The Hunt

 At the end of Part 1 of my After The Horsemen Campaign, you can click here if you missed it, my Star Larry found a partner in crime named Bill. Bill brought Larry to a local settlement that will come into play in a later turn. This AAR finds the two adventurers out in the woods on a hunt for food.

For this campaign instead of using minis and terrain, I'm going to try a few different types of ways to create terrain on the go or at least without actual terrain. Last time I tried Two Hour Wargames city and zombie deck to determine the terrain and what Larry encountered inside each building, for a review of the two decks you can click here.

For today's adventure, I will be using the tried and true terrain setup, graph paper. I laid out a grid with 9 sections on it and put it into one of those plastic transparent binder sheet things, I don't know what they are called, and drew the terrain on top with a dry erase marker. After the game, I just wipe away and can reuse it again.

After The Horsemen uses a 3' x 3' table but the map I drew is a bit smaller but oh well. Each square represents an inch to so I can use the stats in the book without changing anything. All of the nine sections of the map except 3 contain woods, represented by a blue line, In section 5 and 6 the black oval that says "hill" is a wooded hill, and in section 9 the black line is a road. I will be starting my two men in section 7 and section 1 has a PEF with a rep of 4.

This Hunt encounter is set during the daylight with an ER of 1. I rolled to see if they had gotten enough sleep and it turns out they did.

I'm using counters from Federation Commander. They are 4 times too big for the graph paper so consider of the 4 boxes the counters are in the top left box is the one they are actually in. The 1 token represents the Star Larry, 2 is his new friend Bill and 1/4 represents the PEF.

At the beginning of the game, each character has the following: Larry ate 1 of his food and so has 2 food, no fuel, 1 luxury item, and 2 medical kits. He also has a Bolt Action Rifle and a Knife. Bill also ate so he has 2 food, no fuel or luxury items, 1 medical kit, and Assault Rifle.

Beginning Of The Game

Turn 1 and 2 - I won activation but neither rolls were high enough to activate so we move to turn 2. The PEF wins and moves 8 boxes toward my Star.

Turn 3 - I win activation and have both my characters move forward 8 boxes, the PEF must have heard my movement in the woods and moves 8 boxes away from me.

End Of Turn 3

Turn 4 - I lose initiative and the PEF decided to move 8 boxes back towards me.

End Of Turn 4

Turn 5 and 6 - On turn 5 we both rolled too low to activate. Turn 6 I won initiative and decided to fast move, in a Hunt scenario you don't use Line of Sight but have to physically touch the PEF to resolve it. I rolled and Larry scored 2d6 and moved 16 boxes and Bill scored 1d6 and moved 12 boxes. Bill nearly reaches the PEF and Larry does make it so we resolve the PEF as large feeder aka a deer. I roll for tracking and close to within 12 boxes of the deer and an insight test is triggered. Larry wins and takes a shot and misses and the deer and Larry charge into melee. Larry swings the butt of his rifle at the deer and knocks it down. The deer tries to get by taking the knockdown test but fails and dies.

Because of the shot Larry took at the end of each turn until the end of the scenario I roll to see if anyone shows up after hearing the shot but nobody turns up. Larry and Bill spend the next 2 turns reducing the deer's carcass to Rep 0 and then they end up with 3 units of food, Larry takes 2 and Bill takes 1 and the scenario ends in success!

After the encounter, Larry qualified to upgrade his Rep but my rolls failed and Bill damaged his medical kit during the hunt and needs to repair it.

In episode 3  Larry decides he needs a better gun and hears about a Light Machine Gun so the pair goes on a raid for it. Click here to read all about it!

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