Sunday, June 14, 2015

Star Trek FASA Miniatures The Wrath Of Khan

A few years ago I saw a lot of Star Trek miniatures on eBay for a pretty low price so I decided to bid and got them cheap. I paid around 10 dollars with shipping and the lot came with the entire bridge crew as well as Lt. Saavik, Carol Marcus, and David Marcus.

As you can see they are still sealed and in very good shape for being 30 years old. These miniatures are true 25mm, I measured Kirk through his packaging and he looked to be exactly 25mm not including the base.

To complete the set I would need to get Khan (there are two, on from Ceti Alpha 5 and one from the Reliant's bridge), Joachim, Captain Terrell, and the Klingon Officer with Agonizer

I haven't done anything with them yet because I'm hesitant to open them up. Eventually, I'm sure that I'll paint them.

I eventually opened these guys up and you can read all about it here, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan FASA USS Reliant Box Review. 

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