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Let's Play After The Horsemen Campaign Episode 3 The Raid

This is part 3 of my After The Horsemen Campaign. For part 1 you can click here, and for part 2 click here.

After their adventure last time Larry decided he needed a better gun than the bolt action rifle (BAR) he is using now. The (BAR) has some power but it is too slow and Larry heard of a Browning Automatic Rifle (LMG) from World War 2 that was in a house in the woods. He decided he wanted to get it and Bill said he would tag along as well.

Leading up to their mission Bill slept just fine but Larry was worried about it too much and only slept 3 hours. Because of this Larry will be sleep-deprived and will take Rep or skill tests at a -3 until he is shot at, charged or physically attacked which will give him an adrenaline rush and Rep and skill tests will be normal.

For their mission, Larry will be leading Bill and himself against a house in the woods that might be being used by people. The house had been owned before the world went to hell by a World War 2 reenactor who supposedly had a fully working Browning Automatic Rifle that Larry really wants.

Here is the set up at the beginning of the mission. The house is located in zone 2 with a PEF inside the house. There are also PEFs in zone 1 and 4. All the zones are wooded and 8 and 9 have a street. Larry and Bill will be starting on the road in zone 8.

Inside the house is a treasure chest with the gun as well as some World War 2 uniforms.

(A couple of times I didn't roll high enough for either side to move and I've cut them out to make it less boring)


I roll 5 for initiative for Larry and 2 for the enemy so Larry and Bill move 8 inches


The initiative was 5:1 so Larry and Bill move 8 inches again and the enemy doesn't move again.


The initiative was 3:5 so PEF 1 activated and moved 8 inches away towards cover. Larry and Bill didn't roll high enough and do anything.


The initiative was 5:2. Larry and Bill approach the PEF and it turns out to be 3 friendly sheep. They barter and both trade 1 food for 1 fuel.


The initiative was 3:5 so the PEF activated and decided to move away again.


Initiative 5:3. Larry and Bill move close enough to identify the PEF at the building. 6 Enemies appear, 3 inside and 3 outside who trigger an insight test. I roll for everyone and the order will be: Enemy 3 ( the guy on the right), Larry, Bill, Enemy 1 (the guy on the left), Enemy 2 (the guy in the center), Enemy 4 ( the guy on the roof).

Enemy 3 decides he doesn't like what he sees and duck back behind the building into cover.

Larry shoots his BAR at Enemy 1 and misses. Enemy 1 passes his received fire test.

Bill has an automatic rifle and decides to shoot at Enemy 2 and misses, Enemy 2 passes his received fire test.

Enemy 1 decides to duck back behind the building.

Enemy 2 fires at Larry and misses.

Enemy 4 fires at Larry and misses as well.


From now on Larry is running on Adrenalin and doesn't have a -3 to REP or skill tests. The initiative is 5:1 Larry fires at Enemy 2 and hits!! His shot fails to wound and Enemy 2 is knocked back so I roll on the knocked back reaction test and he passes and is now stunned. After 1 full turn Enemy, 2 will be back up.

Bill fires at Enemy 4 and misses. Enemy 4 takes a received fire test and carries on.


The initiative is 3:5 and only the PEF in the corner near the well can activate and moves towards Larry and Bill. They resolve to be 2 neutral lone wolves. At this point, I'm supposed to do a people challenge with them to find out if they are friendly or not but I thought it wouldn't make sense for strangers to get to know one another during a firefight so I held off for now.


The initiative was 5:1 so Larry and Bill move to right behind the stone wall giving them cover. Larry and Bill both take a shot at Enemy 2 and both miss and he takes his received fire test and passes both, weird dice rolls for me today.

TURN 10:

The initiative was 5:1 again and Larry fires at Enemy 2 again but hits and knocks him down. Enemy 2 takes a knockdown reaction test and is only stunned again. Larry's gun can't do any damage today, no wonder he wants a new one.

Bill fires his assault rifle at Enemy 4 on the roof and hits with both shots killing him.

It seems like Larry and Bill are finally turning a corner in this fight!?

TURN 11:

As soon as the battle starts to turn in their favor it goes right back again. The initiative was 2:5 and the enemies split up to flank Larry and Bill. Enemy 1 goes around the fence to come upon their left while Enemy 2 meets up with Enemy 3 on the side of the building.

Enemy 1 and 2 both shoot and miss. Enemy 3 takes a shot at Bill and Bill goes out of the fight. Suddenly it's gotten very bad for Larry.

TURN 12:

The initiative goes 6:4 and Larry backs up behind some rocks to give him some cover. He takes a shot at Enemy 3 sneaking up on the side of him and kills him giving Larry 2 kills and 2 knockdowns in this battle. Enemy 1 and 2 move up behind the wall and shoot at Larry with both missing.

TURN 13:

Initiative 5:5, Larry shoots at Enemy 2 and misses. The two baddies jump over the wall and go prone then take aim with their machine pistols at Larry and fire, both missing.

TURN 14:

Initiative 6:1, Larry still hiding behind the rock fires at Enemy 2 and hits, sending him Out Of Fight.

TURN 15:

Initiative 5:4, Larry takes aim once more and shoots the last bad guy between the eyes killing him instantly.

TURN 16:

Now that there are no baddies still fighting Larry decides to go find out who the 2 neutral lone wolves are. He walks up to them and they tell him their names are Ricky and Julian. Larry rolls a people challenge, failing miserably turning them unfriendly and vowing to attack Larry at their next meeting.

TURN 17:

At this point, the whole mission has been a disaster with Bill going Out Of Fight and possibly being dead. Larry should probably just walk away but he really wants that gun and decides to go for it. He moves into the building and triggers an insight with the 3 baddies inside.

He wins and fires at the guy next to the chest who has a shotgun killing him instantly. The other two try to fire but in their haste to fire miss Larry.

TURN 18:

The initiative goes 5:3, Larry shoots the second guy and sends him Out Of Fight leaving only one guy between him and his gun.

TURN 19:

Initiative 5:3, Larry takes aim and hits the last guy, I roll for wounds and he is sent Out Of Fight leaving the gun for Larry to claim as his own. He grabs it and the uniforms inside the chest and makes his way to Bill's unconscious body. Larry picks Bill up and makes his way to the settlement to see the doctor.

The doctor is able to heal Bill fully and he will be back with Larry on their next adventure. I roll to see if Bill remains with Larry and he had so much fun being shot that he will stay with him and next time won't even roll to stay.

All in all, this was a weird but fun game. The dice, for the most part, were in my favor. At first, my guns couldn't hit anything but the bad guys couldn't make their initiative rolls. They were pretty lucky with their received fire rolls but eventually, Larry's bolt action rifle (BAR) started to take out the bad guys. Next time though Larry will have his Browning Automatic Rifle (light machine gun) with him, which has the same range and impact as the bolt action rifle he had been using but with 3 targets instead of 1 which will come in handy. When playing NUTS! my favorite gun is always the LMG because it puts out a lot of firepower and when it hits it's pretty devastating.

Stay tuned till next time to see what Larry and Bill get into more hijinks in the post-apocalyptic wasteland!

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