Wednesday, June 17, 2015

World Works Games Mayhem Streets Of Legend Review And Tutorial

One thing that my miniature terrain is missing is roads and I decided it was time to rectify this. There were a couple of ways I could have gone but in the end, I decided to by the Mayhem Streets of Legend set by World Works Games. World Works Games is a company that makes printable terrain and they have many different settings including fantasy, modern, sci-fi and even full-scale role-playing items. Their terrain system is supposed to be printed on card stock and then can be folded up when not in use but I like a more stable setup for my terrain so I mount the cardstock on foam core.

For this build, I didn't want the tiles to move around easily so I decided to mount them on MDF. I bought a large sheet of it from Home Depot and had my brother cut it up into the sizes I needed. Once the pieces were cut I quickly sanded down the sides to smooth them out.

I took black paint and painted the edges to give it a cleaner look.

Then I printed the road sections I wanted and cut them out. Next, I glued the printed road sections onto the MDF and let them dry. Once they dried I played war games with them and they look great. The ink in my printer was almost gone on the last few I printed so it gave them a bit of a pinkish hue but it's not going to bother me any. The MDF is heavy enough that it takes a bit to move them compared to paper alone and I was happy to have mounted them to the MDF. I think this product by World Works Games is great and I would recommend it to you if you are interested in it.

You can buy the set here for $11.50.

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