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Dungeons And Dragons Scourge Of Worlds DVD Game Review

Scourge Of Worlds A Dungeons And Dragons Adventure is a DVD game released by Rhino in "Rhinomation" in 2003. The "game" is played on a regular DVD player, you watch a story play out and when the story gets to a place where there is a decision to be made you are given the choice to make. Once you do the story continues until the next decision comes up.

The game main characters are a human warrior named Regdar, a rogue halfling named Lidda and an elf wizard named Mialee. In the story, a powerful weapon developed by an ancient race of mages called Aryx Orthian or the Scourge Of Worlds. The Scourge has been hidden for hundreds of years but it has surfaced and the above-listed group of heroes needs to stop it from falling into the wrong hands with your help.

The story itself isn't anything special, mostly another fairly generic fantasy setting RPG story. It's not bad but nothing to write home about. The biggest problem with this game today is that the graphics are dated. At the time they looked OK, about on par with a cut scene from a 6th generation video game. Today it doesn't look as good with some fairly texture less terrain. The characters look a little better than the backgrounds and when they move it's OK but the combat scenes aren't very good. Sluggish swings with weapons, nobody moves very fast and it appears that their weapons are being swung through molasses.

I'll admit that I've haven't played a lot within Dungeons And Dragons but from what I've read on the Internet the three main characters are "iconic characters" and were used in the 2002 Dungeons And Dragon RPG books when writing examples of the rules and in some novels too. There are also some regulars from within the D and D world including every ones favorite the Beholder


I bought this when it was pretty new as a way to get my then girlfriend, now wife, to play a game based on the Dungeons and Dragons RPG that didn't involve paper, pen and many books to look through. Basically, an easy game without much thinking but still within the universe. Sufficient to say that she didn't like it too much and at one point early on you need to decide if you wake up when something happens or keep sleeping, she decided to keep sleeping and the game ended. On the other hand, I brought this out and had my 8-year-old daughter play with me and she loved it. Like I was talking about in an earlier post, Getting Your Kids Into Gaming With Books, this is a great way to introduce a child into RPG gaming without all the rules and stats.

At the beginning of the DVD, it claims that it contains over 990 unique stories, which I'm guessing means that all the different choices that are available can be combined into 990 different paths. It does have four different endings of which I've seen three of. When I played recently with my daughter we played through twice, once she nearly won and the second time I made the choices and did win. I don't know what the other two endings show but I'm sure they aren't too much different than the two I saw. To play a complete game it takes around one hour to play through with about 15 choices to made throughout.

In 2015 would I recommend this today? I don't think it's worth anything so if you came across it I'm sure it would be cheap. The story is pretty generic and the graphics don't hold up and with the game not being to re-playable I think that unless you are a die-hard D and D fan you could let this pass. It's not terrible so I'd rate it at a 5 out of 10.

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