Friday, September 4, 2015

Let's Play Minecraft On Xbox Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of my Minecraft Let's Play. If you missed Episode 1 you can click here to see what you've missed. This week I'll be showing you everything I've done since Episode 1 as well as show you a bit about the world itself.

First off after a lot of work I was able to fill a large chest will steak. A big help was to enchant a sword with looting. Ever time you kill something with it you get more of whatever it drops so that helped out a lot. I also have enough leather to fill a small chest so I should be good for awhile. Now I'm working on raising some chickens because one of my villagers trades chickens for emeralds and for their feathers for arrows. I'm also raising sheep for their wool but that isn't too high on my list right now.

I wanted to get more villagers to spawn and with my two houses I had a total of 28 doors which would allow up to 9 villagers. The only way to get more villagers I needed to add more doors so I built a third house for the villagers. In my world I only have oak and birch trees so I built the first house with birch and the second house with oak. I've been to every inch of my map looking but those are the only types of trees. To my surprise I was at an older house I built years ago and I found some spruce saplings in a chest so I planted them and now I have a third wood I can build with. I was very happy about this.

I built the third house and there are now 42 doors in the village allowing up to 14 villagers. I still have more room to build within the fenced in area but three is good for now.

In my village there are currently 10 villagers. Because of this a Iron Golem has spawned which will help to protect the villagers. Although since my new security features I haven't had any deaths which is great. I have had some zombies and creepers try to get in but so far so good.


The only other thing I've been working on is a secret project inside my castle we'll call project X.

This is a shot of what I've done so far. I had hoped this would be enough but I'm going to have to work on. The height is good but I need to go longer so when I get some free time, usually at night, I go back in and dig. They always say that you should never dig straight up or down and I'm usually pretty good about that. When I was working on project X I was digging sideways and with the enchantments on my pickax I go though it pretty fast and I dug a block up that went into a deep cavern. I survived the fall but it was close. I used dirt I had on my to get back up but a few minutes later I fell down again, survived that one too but it was close. My advice is to dig carefully even when going forward. If I fell into lava I would have died and lost all the stuff I had on me.

Shot of the cavern.
Before I end this post here is a picture of my world.

If you see where the green cursor is, that's my building. At the bottom left of the map you can see my life size baseball stadium.  To the north of the cursor you can see a grey square, that's another castle I built. I've been leveling the sand to the right of it to build a coliseum but I haven't worked on that for awhile. That little island in the middle to the right is a mushroom Island that my daughter and I call Mooshroom Island.

In the bottom right section in the sand is the biggest building site that I've worked on. I worked, for a very long time, flattening that area and the ground is now flat with sandstone which is why it is grey and not sand colored. You can clearly make out the three pyramids that I've built. It is an Egyptian build. Along with the pyramids there are a few houses, a large library and a rail station that will take you to Mooshroom Island. The outsides of the pyramids are built but the interiors are empty and dark and are very dangerous because it's home to tons of mobs. The library is partially built as well and I will continue on when I fell like it. I usually work on something until a new build strikes my fancy and I drop that for the new one.

That's all for this week, I hoped you enjoyed looking around my world. For Episode 3 you can click here!

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