Saturday, October 1, 2016

Let's Play Minecraft On Xbox Episode 10

Welcome to Episode 10 of my Xbox One Minecraft world.

If you missed Episode 9 you can click here to see what you missed.

Today I'll be continuing on my mammoth pyramid build.

Here's what the pyramid looks like so far. I've got three whole layers done which surprisingly took a long time to build but just collecting the supplies to build it took even longer. Inside the pyramid, I'm planning to put down two layers of dirt with a layer of sandstone over it. With at least half of the pyramid base over water, I wanted to make sure that if a creeper blows up around me I wouldn't sink to the bottom of the water. Even worse than that would be if the creeper killed me and all my gear went down to Davy Jones' Locker.

While digging up dirt and sand I also come across cobblestone that I need to remove. As I've mentioned before I use furnaces to cook the cobblestone into stone which helps me earn XP that I need for enchanting. When I gather enough stone I head back to the roadway I've been building and add some more to it.

The pyramid from the roadway.

If you look at the picture above you can see I added a few levels to the pyramid. I've also started on an obelisk that helps me find the location of the pyramid from far away while also giving me a platform to take pictures of the build.

When traveling from the roadway to the pyramid there lies a large forest which I've started to cut down for two different reasons. First, for the wood, you always need materials in survival. The second reason is that eventually, I'm going to remove everything and build a desert. Pyramids need deserts, there's just no way around it.

You can just see the roadway, behind me is the pyramid.

Most of the equipment I use is diamond except for shovels. If I have enough XP I will build a shovel with diamond and then enchant it. It really makes the work go by fast. The rest of the time I build cobblestone shovels because the materials are super easy to get. Iron and diamond shovels remove just about the same amount of dirt that the cobblestone shovel does, the better ones just last longer than cobblestone.

I've got a chest full of cobblestone shovels and the worst of it is that I've already refilled it five times. And this is on top of using one diamond enchanted shovel. It is about a 5:1 ratio of material mining to building the pyramid.

Finally, I'm going to end each Episode with the amount of time I've spent playing Minecraft. One of the great features of the Xbox One is that it tracks how much time you've played a game for. See you all next time!

This guy was pretty mad at me.


Days 10: Hours 2: Minutes: 41

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