Monday, October 3, 2016

Three Necromunda House Delaque Miniatures Painted

When I bought my sealed copy of Necromunda I wanted to get some authentic Necromunda minis. Up until I bought Necromunda I had never played with the actual minis but the two gangs that came in the box weren't my favorite so I went to the Games Workshop website and ordered some Delaque. They look cool with their trench coats and whatnot. The gang also had the coolest looking heavy, in my mind at least, and I was lucky enough to get him in a heavy pack I bought.

These guys came out pretty good. I'm no artist but they will look great on the table and they actually look better in real life then in these pictures and that's what I'll be going with. I'll be posting up more of these guys as I get them finished including the heavy. Happy Gaming!

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