Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blog Update! (February 2017)

I remember that I said I would be posting weekly wrestling shows with a PPV February 26th and it didn't happen but I have a good reason.

Remember when the Cubs won the World Series a few months back? Well as they won I turned to my Mom, who's been a die-hard fan since the 1950s, and said with the Cubs winning it doesn't give you permission to die. Well, two weeks ago she was diagnosed with Leukemia. When she told me that she had cancer she said it was because the Cubs won.

Anyway, she was at the doctor and had some blood work done. Two weeks later she had more blood taken and cancer moved in within those two weeks so the good thing is it was found about as quickly as it could be. She's done with her first round of chemo and is doing really well. If everything keeps going like this she will be able to come home in two months which she wasn't too happy about because even two days in the hospital is enough for anyone.

Well back to gaming and Monday Night Wrestling, because of what's happening I just haven't had time to get together with my friends and play so, for now, it will be on hold. I will still be doing stuff on my own including solo gaming so look for that starting March 1st. I also hope to tie up a few things on this blog that I never finished and continue some other things, I don't want to say what in case I don't actually do them due to laziness.

That's all, for now, Happy Gaming!

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