Friday, September 29, 2017

Abby Yates Ghostbusters (2016) Action Figure Review

The 2016 Ghostbusters movie has come and gone. I did not like the movie and I'm a man but my wife is a woman and did not like it as well and she's a die-hard fan of the original movie. Sony took some quotes from a few idiots on YouTube and turned it into a huge deal when there really wasn't one. The Ghostbuster being women didn't bother me at all as long as it was funny and except for a few jokes, this movie wasn't funny.
My daughter, on the other hand, is 10 years old and loves this movie. She wanted us to watch it the other day as a family and we did, this screening almost a year after the first didn't change my mind. After the movie was over she made mention that I have a lot of action figures from the original movie but she didn't have any from the new one. I then remembered that I had seen some of them on clearance at Wal-Mart so my wife and I set off while my daughter was in school. They had two left, the one that I bought, Abby Yates, and Kristen Wiig's character Erin Gilbert. Being a great father I remembered that my daughter said that Abby Yates was her second favorite character so that's the one I picked. On a side note from when the movies came out to today I have never seen any action figures for Kate McKinnon or Leslie Jones' characters and I don't know why so I figure that either they are the two most liked characters so their action figures sold out fast or Mattel thought they would be the least liked characters so they had less of their figures in each shipment so when they hit the shelves they sold out fast.

This is the figure I bought for her. As you can see it's clearly labeled Abby Yates but if you look closely at the yellow clearance stickers you can see that the employee who entered the information into the computer was confused or was drinking heavily.

They labeled the Abby figure with Erin's name but instead of calling her Erin Gilbert they labeled her Erin Gabler. I don't know why this makes me laugh but it does. Also notice that I got the 19.87 figure for 6 bucks, dropping that much off the figure lets you know how badly the movie did.

And here we have Abby and as you can see there is almost no likeness between Melissa McCarthy and this action figure. This line of figures are six inches tall so when you take my Ray Stantz action figure which is also six inches and compare the likeness on both you can really see how bad Abby looks.

Anyway, the only accessories that Abby comes with are her proton pack and a pair of arms from Rowan, the bad guy from the movie.

Rowan's arms

If you buy all the figures you'll get enough parts to build yourself, Rowan. I find it pretty crummy that you are forced to buy all the action figures in order to have a bad guy to fight. Rowan should be a figure that can be purchased and the figure that can be built by buying all of the figures should be offbeat that wouldn't normally get their own figures like one of the original Ghostbusters cameo characters or slimmer.


The proton pack can be removed which is good I guess. Personally, I find the new proton packs ugly but that's just me. The original proton packs were iconic and these aren't.

 If my daughter asked me to buy her this figure when it came out for twenty bucks I probably wouldn't have on account of these figures sucking. The biggest thing going for her is the 16 points of articulation which is pretty good for a figure of this size. Unfortunately, the lack of other characters, the terrible depiction of the actresses to the figures, and no accessories beyond her proton pack make this line earn their place of distinction on the clearance rack.

The female Ghostbusters always coming up short compared to their male counterparts.

Overall I'm pretty disappointed with this figure. On my handy dandy 1 through 10 ranking table, I give Abby Yates a 5 out of 10. I doubt there will be any other action figures based upon this movie so the 2016 Ghostbusters probably won't see a redemption anytime soon.

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